Five: The Sword, Chapter Two


Argh, part three is next week right? Shame it sounds like there's only the one more after.


That would be amazing, but please don't rush yourself. Loving it all so farπŸ˜†


So good. Reading stuff like this makes me far more attached to the characters. It is going to be hard playing anyone but Parnell when I have to play Assault.


But seriously Matt, great stuff man.


Damn so Sunny and Mason are gone for sure then? They were both on the stealth ship still right?


Nothing is confirmed yet. We have no idea if they'll make a comeback as DLC characters. And @Matthew, we need more, this is seriously some of the best writing I've ever seen. Would love if you guys could turn these scenes into real videos at some point


A comic or an anime or something would be soooo sweet.]

I think there's a lot of space for lore outside the game since it's set up as more a multiplayer game and they have these really awesome characters. Like they are awesome but why are they awesome! I definitely think when this game is a hit you can really go to town with some story stuff that is separate releases.


But then the game comes out!


Screw the game man, srsly

Edit: Besides, what will I read between loading screens?!


And what will I read for two minutes when I'm down? frowning

Unless a Laz player resurrects me and I'm not paying attention because I assume I'm waiting two minutes and I stand there even though I've just been brought back from the dead and I'm like "Uh?" and realise I should be playing and not waiting to respawn because I'm a dummy.


So that is why Abe said now the " I fiddled around with it now the suit just hurts like hell instead of killing"
he edited the suit to save Parnell. Right?


Parnell was part of an experimental super soldier program. The Rage Troopers. Their signature gear was the Berserker suit you see him wear.

The program was scrapped because the suit killed the wearer. But Abe monkeyed with it, so it just hurts like hell now. smiley


Even this far in the future, Dr. Abraham Erskine's Super Soldier Serum that created Captain America is not recreated.


Rofl mao, Dr.Abe
I see whatchu did there TRS...


awwwwww now i see btw all the characters are fucking amazing especially when Abe and Caira


How does the Berserker suit work? Is it mechanical or is that blue liquid some kind of drug?


Yeah, I thought the liquid in his arm injector was a drug and that was what killed them. Would love details on how the suit works. (We all know you thought of that)


I actually think it's mechanical. Abe did fix it, and making drugs doesn't seem like Abe's field.

I may be wrong.


Breaking Abe: Evolve the Equation


I'd totally buy a book if it's any indication. A collection of short stories that shed light on all the hunters, the monsters, and the aftermath of the game would be amazing. . . but really I just want more heart_eyes

Great read!