Five: The Sword, Chapter Two


No, but this is obviously the Catalyst


Exactly. This is the beginning or the end I believe.


This post originally contained the text for the second half of the above post, Part Two: The Final Fate of the Sword.

That text has since been consolidated into one post, at the top of the page.


Reading now will update with praise shortly.

Edit: Well expletive I assume Sunny and Mason are gone. Parnell I guess ended up failing himself and is now catatonic. Poor Parnell.


So now you know what happened.


Indeed the most heart wrenching chapter yet. Looking forward to part 3 and keep up the good work.


so he messed up some thing a long time ago(parnell) i forgot what but he was all guilty and now this? or is this what happend earlier btw i was going to say sunny will be a new hunter but if shes dead idk, one of these rescued crewmembers might be new hunters


This is all prior to the main game.


Oh snap, is that why Parnell is in that suit? Oh geez, I did not see that coming! Well played!


Not what i meant but nvm i cant remeber exactly how to describe that earlier event with him messing up this huge thing


Yes this is the event that Parnell was so broken up over.


The fiction is going backwards in time. So Val's story happens closest to the main game.

Which is why everyone has heard of The Sword, but you're just learning about it now. It happens before those other stories.

And there's one more, even earlier, like 20 years earlier, after this one.


I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that's either Cabot, Griffin or Hank, seeing as they are OLD. Also, will you be doing stories for all Hunters? What about Monsters? And most imprtantly... Daisy?!


My guess is Cabot, maybe. Bucket said he was assigned as an AI unit to Cabot when he was a Marshal 26 years ago.


Excellent guess well either that or something with Griffin since he is the oldest.


Not all the hunters have fiction like this. Though we may cook up some more depending on the reaction to this stuff.


The reaction wants more. More I say, more! MOAR!



Peer pressure!


No doubt, reactions are pretty high and VERY positive about it, if that helps. :wink:


Indeed, and im preety sure slinky will force you into revealing bucket's history xD