Five minute non stop, end game

As both a hunter and monster there are aspects of the last five minutes that drive me insane.

For the hunter side the game should not pause unless the generator is being damaged. I play monster that will sit there and not kill the last person and the game will pause because they are in combate. Then I spend an additional 10 minutes getting killed at the monsters pleasure. Make it so they must go for the win or lose.

As a monster it’s to often that during the timer I will try to kill they last guy whether is support or lax, they cloak. And by the time I finally kill them a new drop ship has arrived or they opted to die early and drop with this new drop ship. During the last five minutes if you die after the mark i think you should not respawn. To many games is it a close last straw and the monster loses because of the dropship.

Any thoughts on this?

I say leave it as is. It’s annoying for both sides but it’s balanced. (For the most part)

I don’t really agree with the whole support or Laz cloaking thing. If they manage to survive, they deserve it. If the timer only stopped when attacking the relay, hunters could just kite and win. Not really an option imo. Just leave it as it is.

For the first part, i think if neither the hunters, nor the monster shoot each other, they are not in combat, no matter how close. What TRS might consider is only pausing the timer, when the monster attacks, so hunters can shoot a monster off food, without pausing the timer.

as for the second part of your post: finding the last hunter isn’t that hard (footprints) and if that doesn’t work, go for the relay. they have to shoot you off and then you know where they are. if you don’t manage to kill everyone in 2 minutes, they deserve another fight. (yes, i have lost some games because the dropship came back in time, it’s frustrating, but that’s how the game is)