Fitness question


I feel very tired and my head hurts a bit.

I did my usual workouts but they were a bit longer I then took a warm then cold shower and after I left my body and head started feeling very tired.

Not like the times when I’m usually fine,sure I get sore a bit but this feels deffrint.

I think I worked out too much, will…anything bad happen do I have to see a doctor or something?


Usually headaches aren’t common after a workout unless you skipped a meal or something that left your body drained. I’d suggest seeing a doctor because this sounds like it could be many things. Chronic fatigue syndrome is one of the ides that come to my mind, and the other one…Is more scary. I am no doctor though, so don’t take my words for much. Just see a doctor and be sure to describe every detail you can about what you’re feeling.


I’m gonna give it a day and if it’s still the same then I’ll see a doctor.


Working out more than usual is a good thing. If you have pain though, I think you worked out too much or you did an exercise wrong. If the pain persists tommorow just take a break for a while.


I also have a fitness question for me personally. Is it true if your gut gets big enough, you get crazy abs under your flab from carrying around the massive load on your core? If so, i’m fucking shredded. I’ve told my aunt this several times, but she remains unimpressed and tells me to “stop rooting around in my trash at night for scraps.” even though she knows I need protein

any info is appreciated. Thank you.


I often get a headache with exercising if I don’t drink enough water, both during and before, specially if it’s a hot day.

Other things I’ve heard can cause it is exercising on an empty stomach or not warming up/stretching before you exercise (stuff like being hunched over a computer screen can tend to put strain on your neck, which can cause headaches)

Though if you think you’re doing everything correctly and it jeeps on happening, I’d try and see an actual doctor


Try skipping the cold shower; it could be making you dizzy.


It could have been the cold shower after you’ve been in the hot one. Messes me up when I try it. Could have also been the humidity, dehydration, exhaustion, lack of nutrients, or lack of sleep. Might be more, but that’s all I can remember without asking the internet.

Only if you exercise your core. You don’t get abs unless you use them, even just keeping them flexed all the time helps, but no - you don’t get ripped by just having a large gut. Your legs and back can get pretty strong, though. Those do carry the weight enough to count.


The majority of the time I get migraines is from over exerting myself when I haven’t had enough fluids that day. It’s very possible that might be happening for you. Just make sure to stay well hydrated before, during and after your workout. Also make sure you aren’t skipping meals. If the feeling persists for an extended period of time or it starts becoming a consistent occurrence after each time you work out then you should see a doctor.


Were you eating plenty and making sure you were not dehydrated?


That’s only for constant immersion in very cold temperature and hot and cold showers are the best way to get your blood pumping around sore muscles after a long/hard work out.