Fit a MG skin into the micro patch if not then the actual 9.0


think about it theres gonna be some time and we will have more variety to which is good and water wont put out fire so hell be a more popular choice


I would love some MG skins, but I don’t think its a top priority at the moment. Only time will tell I guess


They haven’t released ANY new skins for a while now. I would be surprised if they start making skins for the adaptations,

But, I would buy them all if they did make them.


im gonna main him now because i wont have to deal with laz bs in 9.0


Laz was always the worst pick against meteor goliath because of DOT fire damage… What do you mean?


ill be able to see him when he cloaks like an arse every 16 seconds unless they do change the cloaks


If they do I would only expect it to be like the elite skin but still with blue flames. Pretty awesome looking I would think