Fissure not working properly?


Hello I have tried to play behemoth a bit and i really like him, however, i noticed something wierd with his fissure ability. First it sometimes doesnt go over cover like it is meant to and passes under it. Once there was a trapper on a rock I sent a fissure at him he was well within range but he suffered no damage. Second of all, i don’t know if my eyes are playing tricks on me but the aiming for fissure is not very good. For example one hunter was down another came to revive him so i sent a fissure towards them, however, the fissure was sent to their right rather than at them, resulting in no damage.

I am not saying this is a sure bug or anything I just wanna know if it is happening to someone else.


For the 1st case, I made a bug report + video about fissure disappearing / not traveling forward correctly. It could be the same or a different bug, but fissure has issues with terrain sometimes I think, just like rock wall. [Video] Behemoth Fissure invisible/fails and does 0 damage on certain areas of maps

For the 2nd issue, your fissure may have missed because you moved your camera / reticle after casting fissure. You can change the aim of fissure mid cast by swinging your camera, even being able to do a fissure 180 degrees in the opposite direction of where you first casted it.


No this is a different bug, with me the fissure is actually seen going out but doesnt travel up slopes like it should.


Unlike Behemoth’s other moves, fissure can still be aimed until it goes out. Lavabomb can’t be ‘turned’ before you cast, fissure can. So it’s possible you looked to the side and had it miss.


Fissure launches whatever direction your body is facing when his hands (claws?) hit the ground, and the first thing is a buggy bug


I like how the ability goes over walls though, that was an interesting addition.