Fishy Adaptations


Am I the only one who feels like the adaptations are based off of fish or aquatic creatures?

Meaty has a hammerhead shark crest thing going on. The tip of his tail is fan shaped and looks like a goldfish tail twisted sideways.

EK has spikes or needles that look like a lion fish, has fin shaped thingy on each arm, and I think I remember seeing some more fins on his tail.

Is Wraith gonna have a fake eye on top of it’s head dangling from a little bendy spike to bait the hunters?

Behemoth is going to be crab like?

Gorgon? No idea. Those spiders that breathe underwater by creating bubbles? Or can walk on water? Idk. .-.


I think wraith’s adaptation should take after the Mantis shrimp. Big Clubs on it’s arms instead of spikes. Shrimp like Carapace on the back. Green and Blue coloring.


Behemoth is a crab/lobster like already so he would be that even more


I hope they are. It would be a nice change from being reptilian and instead being amphibian. Also matches slightly more closely to Lovecraftian lore.


There is such a thing as seas spiders wich aren’t actually spiders but resemble them


Had to delete that post and fix it

I hope the Light on the Adap Wraith’s head won’t be an actual thing.

“Oh look! Pretty light in that bush! # THAT’S THE WRAITH YOU TWAT!!!”


It’s definitely a thing now. :wink:


I could see Wraith having a viperfish look.


For real though, Angler Wraith sounds amazing. I’d totally play that thing :laughing:


Yes, join the fish hype!


Blue dragon sea slug wraith
Sea spider gorgon?
Sea snake wraith
"Rock lobster" behemoth que the music


It all makes sense now. :wink:


Abyss wraith- see through wraith.

Similar to second one


I seriously doubt it.

Although, Meaty does look pretty hammerheadish and Elder K does have a lot more fishy fins… Still, I seriously doubt that every adaptation will be made to look more aquatic.


what if it disguised to look like an elite wildlife? Something tantalizing to the hunters to like a light is tantalizing to deep sea fish?


If that were one of the four Abilities it would be interesting early-mid game but then late game it would be more useless than a Decoy not moving at all…

“Oh look! An Albino Tyrant is coming to give us free hugs and heals after we un-alive it! # THAT’S THE WARPING BITCH! SHOOT HER LIKE I SHOT UP YOUR MOM!”