First Win of the day bonus


This is something that LoL does. It accomplishes multiple things

  1. Allows players that might not have as much time to play a way to still purchase what they want if they put enough days into the game.

  2. Increases play time of those who might play a few games a day and quit. If they have a way to get a reward for winning they’ll continue playing until they get it or become irritated enough to quit for the day.

  3. Gives an incentive for all players to actually play the game and not simply log in. While logging in is good to use for numbers it does nothing to actually help the game.

Do you guys think Evolve could do well with a first win of the day key bonus?





Absolutely. Great idea. Overwatch has it and the FWotD bonus does the first 2 for me.


I’m surprised we don’t have this already. It is such a great idea.


Yes, it’s a great a idea. Let’s say it gives you a 100 key bonus on top of anything else you achieved and earned . It’d be a great addition to the game .


Good idea, especially first win of the day, instead of just logging in then alt F4.


Last I checked we already had a first win of the day in the game. It is 200 extra keys and 100 extra experience.


We have it, it’s 200 Keyes. I think we can communicate it better though!