First wave of Reviews


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I think this topic has been covered in another thread

I’ll probably read them tomorrow, though it is nice that they seem positive


Not an 11/10?

Pre-order cancelled.


Didn’t mean to seem rude, it just keeps the forum clearer and since that thread has more people on it your opinion will reach more people on here and you can get more feedback


Hostility on the forum isn’t tolerated. Edit the post, please. He was just letting you know that in the future, use the search function so we don’t get 100 duplicate threads.


Magik certainly wasn’t trying to be rude at all, please be more patient with everyone, he was just trying to help you find an appropriate thread.


no im done with this forum i thought this was a place to understand other players and hear what they think but with as little as 2 posts ive gotten its been discussed already and repost, i thought this would be fun and i would make some friends but another disappointment in life just gonna move on no big deal have fun everyone


I’m sorry you feel that way and people really are nice here and friendly, it’s just that everyone making the same topics can lead to a very chaotic forum that’s tough to read. None of us mean to sound harsh or insensitive, and I do apologize if I came off that way, we just were showing you where to talk about the reviews since the topic already exists.