First time playing in longtime, Got screwed by system not counting wins :/


I have been playing now about 3 hours and played roughly 6-8 games and won them, But my issue is not one of my wins has been counted and when I left the game into main area and went back in to try refresh the numbers it removed another win and didnt count a loss in it place. So all I have gained is points toward leveling up and getting promoted in Hunt medals.

Not too happy about wasting time but I enjoyed the matches so not a complete waste. But generally speaking you expect stats in a game to keep up.


Yup. Long time bug. Confirmed fixed in the next patch. Just have fun in the mean time.


first time its ever happened to me so i thought it was strange since i never had this issue especially this noticable. pain in the ass when your ranking up or at least trying to rank up


Here’s a direct quote from Tara. There is a definite fix coming with title update 9.0 as CptBoomBoom said. Just try to be patient in the meantime and focus on having fun rather than worrying about the leaderboards. :wink:


Also the last time it broke we still got all those wins anyway. So you may see a quite a jump when it is finally patched in.


hopefully that would be cool, and cheers for all the responses