First time character tutorials need to be put back in


I don’t know why the character tutorials got took out of the game, but they really need to be put back in, it seems that people are playing characters without even understanding what their weapons/skills are doing, such as the fact that I just played a game in where we had a Lazarus on my team, and he decided to res me by holding E instead of switching to his Lazarus device, I also had to ask on the forums to see what buckets #3 skill did…


I believe they were taken out because they took up a ton of memory. The download size was heavily decreased due to the removal of the tutorials, which are all online now.

Edit: For all I know, the tutorials might make a return at a later date.


This right here ^^^

They took up a lot of space. And it was incredibly clear that no one paid attention to them either… -_-


They need something to go in game, not online, how would any random person figure out they need to just randomly check online to see what their skills do for the first time :confused:


New player experience is really important to us and I can understand your frustration, what I can say is that we have something in the works which is much better than simply watching a video. No offical details yet as we test is internally. But we understand getting players up to speed with the complexities of Evolve as quickly as possible will often define how enjoyable a player and there team mates first gameplay experience is. We are making an almighty push to improve this and hopefully its will be coming sooner than you might think! :smiley:


Absolutely agree. I feel as if the game at the moment is extremely unwelcoming for the new players as they have no idea what the hunters/monsters do until they go ingame.

I really really really want the hunter/monster skills to be given in the character bios (inside your profile in the characters sections), so that at least this way the players know what they can expect from a character.

The tutorials were actually really decent, I understand that they are outdated so I cannot wait to see what TRS has in mind :slight_smile:


We’ve been talking about things similar to this. Tooltips, more info, etc.

I can confirm the videos were taken out to reduce download size and many of them weren’t relevant anymore due to the class ability and ability changes.


They also added to the cost of introducing new characters, had to be translated for the different territories, and slowed the release of new characters because they had to be produced AFTER the character abilities were interated on and finalized.

We will work on alternatives though. Agreed that it was beneficial to some.


Smite has listings of videos that are hosted on Youtube, that are added as and when they’re ready as additional content instead of being linked intrinsically to the character’s insertion in to the game.

Aside from some bugs and UI niggles, I’d say this is the one area that really needs addressing. knowing what the characters kit does and how is absolutely vital and I have seen a few people in game now, in my admittedly short time on it so far, complaining that they don’t really know what to do.

The playable tutorials will be nice overall, but nothing will beat the tutorial videos you had, and if you can find a way to link to youtube hosted videos in game, showing them in client embedded, then I think it would go a long way to solving that deficit.