First Pick Not Last Pick Thank You


Is this game just that dead on xbox one? Or did they do something that completely disregards what your choice is everytime? Oh did i mention that keeps putting me in the same games even after leaving when the game is over I clearly didn’t have a good time whether it was my teammates or some other reason why put me back in the same lobby is there really a deficient amount of lobbies at any one given time?


MM has bad priority selection. Gets annoying from time to time. :stuck_out_tongue:


Definately had a game where everyone musical chaired until everyone got what they wanted. was really funny, always ask just in case.


yeah try that, either people dont have a mic or i get told to fuck myself. lmao just unlucky i suppose


Tried to find quick match after my last meal of the day, my least preferred role was the monster.
Got it seven times in a row. To my suprise each time in a different match at the beginning.

The 8th time it was the same match as the 7th time (as monster, of course), in which I refused
to play as the monster. The 9th time it was the same match, again…

Was already fed up with it, and decided to see just for fun if I can get the 10 full,
but I finally got the medic which was fine for me.


its seriously annoying there cant be like such a small amount of games


I hate that. Me and another decide to swap and somebody else steals me role…