First Person Animation Bugs(?)


There are a few bugs I’ve noticed in regards to animations in first person, not big ones but more of a polish type of thing.

Val’s Sniper Animations:

When sprinting and dashing forward the sniper moves out of her hand for a split second and jolts around.

Hyde’s Minigun Animations:

When zooming in with the minigun and firing, upon finishing the barrel section bobs around as if it were tied to the head bobbing while the rest of the gun stays static in place.

Griffin’s Harpoon Gun Animations:

His left knuckle (while in the idle animation) is jolting upwards to a rather sharp peak. It may be a stretched poly or a vertex that got weirded out.

Cabot’s Radiation Tag Animations:

I understand that it is basically the same mesh as Hanks’ Orbital Strike, in fact it is the exact same mesh. Cabot goes from having fingerless gloves, to using Hank’s full leather gloves with the binoculars out. At first I thought I was seeing things but Cabot does actually swap gloves rather quickly. Call it a skill or a bug. This may also be the case with the Trapper’s Mobile Arena. They all use the same glove as well regardless of hunter chosen.