First Patch ETA?


There are a lot of bugs we are running into, namely the crashing like ones, the rendering bug, the mouse bug, and the one that makes abilities bug out and stop working until the end of the game.

any ETA on the first patch to address these larger issues? @macman Thank you.

Turtle rock, when is the first patch?

They’ve only been working on these bugs for a little under 2 days now. I’d expect it fairly soon, but they have to have the time to work on it.


Game went gold in January so besides the server related issues everything else should have been sorted out by now. This is supposed to be a fully completed title but it feels very much like an early access one.


I know, I am just wondering if there is an estimate time to expect it, within a few days/weeks/months?..

I am patient, though they have got to fix the mouse one soon, it’s driving people mad lol


Really? No game to this day or in the forseeable future will ever release 100% bug free. I have little to no issues with my game on xbone. Im sorry your having trouble with PC but dont act like this game wasnt tested. Or that they could have forseen some of these bugs. Calm down and relax it will be fixed soon enough


Seriously, stop your bitching everyone and play the game until the patch comes out. Who cares if the game isn’t fully optimized yet or even done, nobody cares so you either go and play it or stop playing it, they’re not going to mess up the next patch just because you want it faster. Seriously, there’s more annoying people that bitch about this stuff than little kids playing xbone.


You know it’s nearly impossible to find all bugs, right?


The mouse bug is somehow worse for me. Now it not only appears in game, sometimes it’s gone completely in menus. It is also always bugged. It has not functioned correctly once in full retail release.

Disappointed in that, hope they fix it soon. Disorients me to see it floating around.

Otherwise the game has been stable, though I’ve had some odd stage 3 related physics bugs, notably Goliath leap smash, Goliath himself will get caught in midair by something but the explosion/damage still occurs where the aiming reticule was. Very weird.


The problem is I can’t play the game whether I want to or not


PC or Console?


Console 10 chars


Yeah consoles seems to be having more problems than PC , but don’t worry, they’ll get it fixed soon.


Yeah feels like the game was rushed and when I play a game I win in 5mins so the what I do while I wait is come here


Game was far from rushed, in fact it was delayed to extend development so they could address issues, add additional hunters, etc…


Don’t remind me of my dreams being crushed back in august… :frowning:


Hmm trudat the xbox has had a bit of a render bug for a while I guess performance dropped a little ( beginning of rounds specifically)


Hmm true for pc and ps4 there software isnt as adept to this game as it should so they are most likely to be experiencing some issues (major to minor)


We have a PC update that we are trying to get out very soon and then we have a bigger title update coming a few weeks after that.

Patch Theorycrafting
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Awesome! But you should never use soon^tm in regards of release dates :slight_smile:


Hopefully before this weekend. I can play the whole weekend without hitch.