First Official Evolve Community Group on Ps4! (Member count currently at 2000+ players! Keep it up!)


Hey there! With the addition of Update 3.00 on the PlayStation system, we can now make “Communities” related to a specific game!
So I’ve taken the liberty and started the “Evolve community” on the Ps4 and would like to invite and allow anyone who’s one the PlayStation network to join and find new members! It’s easier than switching back and forth to the forums to find the list of ps4 players and the community page will always be open and will show whoever is on at all times!

To join, add me on Ps4!
Psn: Epicbros246

Or Leave your Psn here!

And shoot me a message to join the community!

Or if you can’t find me…

Look up on communities: Evolve Game community!

Happy Hunting! :thumbsup:

Edit: @Buckets_Sentry_Gun and @GrizzleMarine is it possible if I may ask, that you two can help me get the word out on this? I would gladly appreciate it. :smile:

Edit #2: The group is open for everyone!! Just look for Evolve community and join the group with the Goliath charging it’s fire breath!

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Just got home and was thinking someone should make an official Evolve community group. Glad to see there are already a few up! Let’s hope we can build a good one up for newbies.

Perhaps @GrizzleMarine can help too? Seems a lot of people watch his streams.


That would be a great idea and opportunity!
But I wish to create a “hub” actually… Like the forums! Have discussions and tips readily available for the community in ps4. :smile:


Hit me up on PS4 Psn: demonhunter1245


@michigan_ball here’s something similar to what you were trying to do before the system update.
@LosSalvatierras @B_Wood3235 @miles_mungin tagging because I know you guys are part of our ps4 community too; and can maybe help out.


Psn: PatriotDT53. I would love to be apart of the group.


How dare you summon my silver’d skilled excellence to this thread!!!

PSN ID: reefermadness23 send me a friend request I’ve been playing forever

I’m a support who started as trapper and fell in love with medic but I’m also a badass assault


Sign me up - eyedoc81 on PS4


Unfortunately I don’t have a PS4 but sure I don’t mind telling people that there is one there. :smile:


I’ll definetly start adding people after I come home from college! It’s time to expand this community fellas! :grin:


And thank you so much! Even though you’re XBOXXXX

You’re a pretty good “PlayStation” pal at heart. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh the update is live?


Yessir lol


Thank you! Everything helps! :grin:


I sure will! :thumbsup:


There, I hope you get more members! :smile:


Start eating your quesarito big boxes, get yourself a gold PS4

Sign me up, PSN is LMZ363, I’m hooked on Destiny right now, but when the hype settles I’m coming back to Evolve


Check out my Stream, I stream ps4 Evolve passionately, and quite frequently.



PSN: Escaflowne_kiba


I’m excited :grin: Psn: Girq_