First Night with Evolve (since Beta)


Finally got my copy from eBay in the mail last night! So I booted it up, ran through the tutorials, and jumped online.

First match, I’m dropped in as Slim in the middle of a game. Fuck. I hate joining at the 12 minute mark. We died within 5 minutes of me joining. Okay, next game.

I get my preferred choice as Monster and proceeded to land a stage 1 team wipe by camping at the top of a spire with level 3 rock throw.

My next 6 games are all Monster, and… I feel bad. The folks I kept getting matched up with were getting butchered. I had to deliberately force myself to engage at Stage 2, even if I could easily grab Stage 3. And usually, the match ended with the first fight.

I’m assuming when I rank up I’ll start seeing some coordinated teams and start getting my ass kicked, but as a first impression since Beta… I suppose I enjoyed playing Monster, but I also feel really bad for those folks who’s time was wasted on a ridiculously bad matchup. Poor guys wasted 10-15 minutes a piece chasing nothing and dying on first contact. That’s got to be boring as shit for them. :frowning:

(That said, that’s why I prefer being the monster)


Hey welcome to the hunt and glad you enjoy the game. Yes when you first start out it tends to be a walk in the park, but as you level up and everyone has a better understanding of the characters and general game mechanics it can be quite tough. Enjoy ‘butchering’ the Hunters now because later on it becomes more of a challenge, and in my opinion more fun. :stuck_out_tongue:
Happy Hunting.


Yeah, I’m looking forward to a challenge where both sides can have some fun. I do feel bad for those guys last night, like maybe I should have played as a video game boss and done some hit and run engagements to give them action instead of 10 minutes of nothing and then dead. :-/


Yeah when you go against better teams you will have to engage at stage 2 to get a couple of strikes on them. Fighting at the relay at stage 3 when the hunters have no strikes can be very difficult against a good team.


I remember that from the Beta. I usually evade the Hunters until stage 2, then I “go loud”. I stop sneaking and start aggressively building my armor ASAP, trying to attract the Hunters with birds.

When they’re close, I try to surprise them and get a couple of strikes before my armor is gone. Usually the strikes give me the last few bars of energy needed to hit Stage 3, and I flee to evolve while the Hunters are picking themselves back up.

There really isn’t a single good reason to NOT engage at Stage 2 with full armor. You’re gonna lose the armor when you evolve anyway, you’d might as well trade it for some strikes and some breathing room to evolve.


Just wait. Once you rank up you’ll meet the scarily good hunter teams who will smell you out better than you could ever hope to do and put you down like a dog. ;-;

It’s very traumatic. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait till you get level 40 as monster against experienced hunters…

Dome at stage 1,


Ah nothing better than feeling like a cornered animal :wink:


Game changes at 25+.

You will know pressure.


Every time I get Monster now, my palms sweat, my legs are shaking, I’m pumping with adrenaline. Ridiculously fun.


Yeah, had a few matches with only level +20 players as Monster (still only 10 myself :frowning:). I actually needed to go to stage 3 for safety.

In one case, I had 2 strikes on all four hunters, Trapper dead, and Daisy had 1 strike. Full energy to evolve, and a bit more than 1/3 health with a couple bars of armor. I thought maaaaaaybe I can take them… But the bonus health for evolving, plus the extra skill points… That’d heavily tip the odds in my favor.

As for things getting tougher when the pre-mades show up… I’m really seeing the value of the feeding speed perk now.

It’s amazing to be able to flash feed off a corpse if you get even 1 second of breathing room during a fight or jamming a three mammoth bird buffet down in a fraction of the time. An extra bar of armor/energy here and there adds up.

There’s also the benefit of spending less time standing still while vunerable - either without armor or at stage 1. If you picture your average non-combat movement speed over the course of a game, I suspect the feeding perk would probably be the second best way to increase that average.


Also, I appear to own the Savage Goliath skin and Behemoth DLC. I guess the copy I got on eBay was pre-ordered? Sweet.


Good that you’re winning your games! But don’t get too used to it yet, there will come a time where you think the hunters are the monsters. :smile:


You’ll start to notice the difference around level 30+