First Months Gonna be ROUGH for Hunters


I’m REALLY interested in first month statistics on the win ratio. With the monster’s much lower learning curve, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be quite one sided for a bit. I’m afraid irate players are gonna complain to others about how supposedly “awful” and “op” the monster is. And I mean let’s face it, for consoles, (not sure how it works fer PC) the only thing that will decide the win for hunters will be mics, and we ALL know how barren the chances are of coming across randoms with them, (Not too many of us have 3 other buds who are gonna get the game at the same time). I hope it doesn’t put off TOO many people from this otherwise great game.


If even just one person has a mic and knows what their doing though they can try and organize the team then it’s up to the others to follow and win or do there own thing and lose


In-game, people tend to respect people with mics that know what are they doing. S’long as you use a mic, say ‘Hi’ before the match and are polite to the guys on the other side, you can organize a pub team pretty well.


I actually think that the hunters are going to dominate first and after a while when the monsters start to learn, things will turn around and the monsters will dominate. With the exception of perhaps everyone who’s been following the game.

At least that is how I experienced it in the Alpha

I am not saying that the monster is OP, this is only my prediction for the beta.

I think once hunters start to struggle against a good monster they will realise that they need to work together and communicate better for a victory. Once that starts to happen we will see a more 50/50 win rate, simply because the game is 4v1. (4 hunters that needs to know there roles and work together against an over sized killing machine).

It’s just how the game was balanced in the end.


I think the first few days it’s gonna be hunters winning since their roles are more like other games playing styles, then when the monsters get the hang of it they’ll start beating them till people learn to communicate then it’ll just swing between the two for a while


Very subjective. Any people who play shooters would tell you otherwise.

But yes, while the tendency favors the clever monsters at first, don’t forget that for every good monster player, there’s about ten ninny poots that rush in blindly and head low. These matches typically last about five minutes if not less.


Maybe I just have bad experience but people for me tend to not listen. And doesn’t that seem too much a risk to take for buying a full fledged game? There should be mic only servers. Maybe having to speak into your mic gives you a temporary pass into these said servers? Would at least give hunters a fair shot because they are going to be OBLITERATED.


I don’t know, guys. During Alpha, when I got past the first few awkward levels, I got matched with Hunters who knew what they were doing, even we didn’t really communicate at all. You just sort of get a feeling for how to do things - You’ll follow the trapper, you’ll protect the teammate that’s getting focused, etc. And of course, the fact that you can ping is the single most fantastic thing. In combination with the inevitable rise of game-specific shorthands and jargon for the most common strategies ( " MA ST split " might stand for " Split into two teams, medic+assault and support+trapper ), pubs that know their stuff will be able to communicate just fine.


OR, or or or, you can also… Team up with people on the forums! We’re all super nice people, so why not rally forces ( and mics ) with us forum users?

We even have amazing threads that are made specifically for making up teams!


I don’t have a mic on my computer.


I understand.


I didn’t have a mic in the Alpha but I bought 2 just for evolve


I hope that the hunters don’t have a tougher time. because casual players will be turned off and the community will suffer. I want this game to be big and monsters appearing to be OP will make that hard.


This already happened in the Big Alpha. The reality was that experienced FPS players, especially of class based and team based FPS, didn’t understand why everyone was complaining about the monsters being so over powered. So… yes, I agree it’s going to happen again, it’s up to people to explain that the monster is much easier to use since he doesn’t have to rely on teammates doing their part.


I donno, I mean in the Alpha data they released the hunters won the majority of the time.


That’s what I mean, I think on balance the hunters had an easier time, but those who got beat by monster were more vocal, and perhaps were more soundly beaten.


This time around more people know what they are doing, for either side. Also, matchmaking should be in place…so I think we’re going to all have a much more fun time playing on either team since the outcomes will be more 50/50 per match. That’s what I’m talking about! I love nail-biter endings!


As long as at least one of the hunters takes the reigns and leads the team through mic, commanding each and every move strategically, Hunters are gonna get ahead of the curve on the first few weeks of the game’s release.


Agreed. Unless whoever’s playing monster just so happens to be more strategic. Who do you think has the advantage, the Hunters, or the Monster, because the monster is outnumbered, but the monster is stronger, but together, hunters are just as strong, so what are the odds of the monster winning?


That’s a big leap though. Sure pinging will definetley put people on task, but besides that I think hunters are gonna be obliterated unless 1) They are all buds or 2) Have mics, or finally 3) The monster sucks.