First Impressions on DLC Hunters/Behemoth


So I have went through and had a few games with each different hunter and Behemoth. First off are they worth it. Yes I feel so far they have done a great job on these. And for the most part they are something new.

Crow+Gobi. I have played him and watched him be played. Under a skilled hunter Gobi is Very strong and might need adjustments. I was able in both games against a wraith and kraken keep the enemy monster spotted constantly. It was pretty easy for me to do this. His stasis gun is also great charge shot switch to rifle kite and put on damage switch back and charge shot. Along with vals tranq dart. Now watching crow get played the player was always sending gobi where the monster was. And therefor never had sight. And barely took advantage of the spam ability of gobi. I think either Gobi needs to have charges or monster needs to be able to kill him knocking him out of the game for 30 to 60 seconds. But that being said my favorite hunter

Now for the 2 most balanced
Sunny. Oh she is fun. Nothing like chargeing the jet packs of a fellow hunter that the monster thinks he has doomed. Love watching a assault hover around raining death just out of the monsters reach. Her gun is great at taking out small creatures quickly and gives a little scare with its hard hits on the monster. Her shield drone I think is the hardest thing to take advantage of because of her ability to give her team great kiting with jet pack boost you never stay around in one area long enough.

Torvald. He is just the all around assault. well placed mortors hit hard and are great to mix in with his fighting. his mines are easy to land and open up soft spots all over and with someone like caira or sunny to keep you moving quick your shotgun dishes out the damage.

Last but not least

Slim He is the weakest of the bunch right now I feel. But that could come from having a team that did not work together well. But he needs a hank or a Sunny drone I think to make the best of him. Having these two as over watch with shield support will make you almost impossible to take down allowing you and your assault to pound away with heals coming in none stop. And the friendly shield coming in if the monster targets you. As a medic he has to be in the fray to give the most out of his heals. Do not get me wrong boy oh boy can he put out heals but also if targeted he goes down quickly. Love that I can target drones across the map though for some quick support to low life allies. One major change I would do with him is change his burst heal from a bubble to cone effect and add 50-100% more range allowing him to sit back a little more.

Now for the Monster.

Behemoth. I have to say that he is not about stealth. His biggest strenth is breaking distance and working far corners of the map. I personally think smell range is a must giving you early detection to circle around hunters and break for far side quickly with his roll. Worste thing to do when he is running is to pepper him with shots giving him stam regen. Open areas with high ground and pillars to utilize agianst him is his weakness. If your playing as him bait your opponents into cave systems and areas with out lvls It is easy separate them and give them no space to kite you allowing you to take advantage of your hard hitting melee. Skill lvl is what makes or breaks this monster. He probably needs to be the smartest on where he picks his fights. Team able to utilize high ground against him will neutralize him .

Please add input and if you have different opinions share so we can discuss.



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