First Impressions against Gorgon


Played an absolute flipton of Hunt against Gorgon tonight! She was interesting and fun and a pain in the ass to fight. My friend, what is new at the game and loves Evolve, hates its guts and believes it to be extremely overpowered. It reminds me of early Wraith, which is a bad association to be making, but I am not convinced it’s numbers are too high yet even though it wrecked us.

The only thing that felt absolutely terrible about him was how much health his spiders had and how long they stunned - that level of CC and damage together is just phenomenal, even if it can be mitigated sometimes. A spider hitting someone and then choosing to run around a corner randomly in the next two steps is almost instantaneous death for your party, and they require at least two people to take down. And whether or not it does that is dependent on the AI - seriously what. We had spiders at our drop point in every game, and even though we called them out, occasionally both me (Slim) and Parnell would be shooting it and it would still survive for long enough to grab someone. Val can’t kill the things at all - she needs three shots and they’re too fast.

I felt like its damage mitigation was very high (it’s got very, very long traversals at high speed with full 360 degree mobility, and two decoy-like mitigation abilities, one of which is AI controlled. All of this feels a little grumpy considering how many lessons were supposedly learned from Wraith). Bronzies had a real hard time catching it, I felt like it was able to create way too much distance after a dome when I was trapper. But then, my friend was our Assault, he was new, and we were playing with a lot of Bronzes. Further testing is needed.

Please unlock Rogue Val at least. The Monster slot is incredibly heavy with people wanting to try Gorgon so someone needs to balance it out, and she sounds like a perfect counter - AoE heals, a sniper rifle that can actually kill spider traps, a little extra DoT in the dome. Regular Val feels absolute tripe against it, especially with nerfs, and even though I am a long time “only Val” player I switched to Slim because that Monsters AoE damage is horrendous. That worked much, much better, and mollified my general irritation with the monster completely while serving as a small balm to my friend. I’m willing to give it more of a chance but I feel like it’s got a lot of griefing built into it. It was pretty fun whenever we got it into a dome and I’m really looking forward to trying it myself when I don’t have people to hunt with.

The advertisement for it sucks and has extremely irritated both me and everyone I’ve showed it to. I can’t link that anywhere within my own social circles. Please ditch the bitch rhetoric in stream and advertisement, DB. It’s dumb and frustrating and you’re better than that.


I like that Mimic is basically a Decoy 2.0 in every way imaginable against less experienced Hunter teams.
You can use it to lure the Hunters into a completely wrong direction on top of its combat use.
(Of course going off the fact that these Hunters won’t recognize it’s a fake Gorgon.)
Gorgon, along with Wraith and Behemoth, is definitely a powerful pubstomper.

Its health pool is a bit bigger than I expected, but to be fair he doesn’t have particularly impressive burst damage so it evens out.
The minion, while fairly balanced, can sometimes be a bit overkill when you’re up against a Gorgon player who knows to place these buggers high on commonly-used ledges or around corners.
Hunters like Val, Cabot and maybe even Abe have a hard time dealing with the minion.
I would imagine shooting a minion that’s running away from you as Val is not an easy job.

I really, really love its wall clinging ability though. It makes for some very interesting engagements.


My only gripe with Gorgon at the moment (upon using it and fighting it) is the Spider Trap.

Easily spammable, deals high instant damage upon grabbing and by the time it gets done grabbing them (with Cooldown Perk) the trap is ready again, is so super fast for its small size and has what feels like a ton of health.

The main thing that I think needs fixing is a further slight reduction in speed and/or health. One of these adjustments should fix that problem.

The only other thing is that there isn’t an easy indication on whether or not I hit my target with the Web attack… when in a fight it’s hard to see a white outline of webs and a minor ticking of their health unless I really pay attention.

Otherwise I think she’s fine and I like her a lot but everyone wants to play her so then wants Monster role and that means quitters when they don’t get Monster.


Strangely enough, I actually like the Spider Trap, even with its rather infuriating quirks. Don’t ask me why, I’m not really quite sure myself… Iunno, it’s just… Unique, but not in an overtly obnoxious fashion. If that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Aye, I’ve just taken to healing the victim if it isn’t myself when I play Val. At least then they come out at decent HP, if the little bugger didn’t zip around a corner anyways. Try getting Caira to pop one… oh boy… Not going to end well there, Missy… Too much time spent away from the fight O.o

Interestingly, I’ve not had much issue actually trapping her with my plays today (1 friend joined me most of the day, the rest pubs), but she is one hell of a burst-movement Monster. Can be rather unpredictable, too. Being able to literally 180 midair with another traversal has thrown off a few Trappers today. She may require a bit more personal attention than the other monsters bc of this, but I need to play more to really get a good feel, honestly.

Was your friend in the habit of stacking near others? I’ve made it very clear to my friend(s) who join me and mention it to pubs if they bunch up when I play Val; ‘If you group up, one of you is NOT going to be healed and probably going down. Stay split up in a fight.’

It generally works (Pubs; your results may vary :stuck_out_tongue: ), and when folks stay split, the healing load isn’t too terrible at all. But that moment when two of us get hit by Web/Acid combo, Val falls behind BAD. I figure once more Gorgons start Wall-Pouncing Val will struggle as well, as any who did them actually ended up coming a LOT closer to winning (Or hell, just WINNING) vs the one that would try to brute-force his abilities. That opening Ambush really makes a difference O.o

Treat Gorgon like Behemoth, I say. if you’re stacking up, someone better be getting someone else off the ground :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, can’t complain about Caira/Slim. Helps alleviate that issue a bit more than Val can.

You know that moment when you land a Sniper shot headshot while falling as Wraith zips around the dome at least 20m away? That moment of ‘Holy Sh*t I can’t believe that hit!’?

I got the same feeling when I actually nailed a Spider Trap to free someone earlier as it was JUST about to duck around a corner out of LOS. Little thing is a tough target more often than not for a weapon THAT precise hehe.


I feel that the spider trap needs a bit less health and all will be well. That’s my only complaint.


I don’t see a problem with this, personally. Gorgon needs to divide and conquer, and it’s not like she has a truly hard hitting ability that she can reliably land.


Poor mimic goes away in like… 4 shots. It’s quickly becoming Decoy-Level for me for this Monster.

…Okay not THAT bad, but I still prefer the other three and the Wall Pounce over it :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah but for most classes/characters it’s impossible to break the Spider Trap. For the most part (unless a Non-Parnell/Lennox is near them) if a Hunter gets taken by it you’d be better off shooting the Monster because it’s so hard to hit and if you do hit it it doesn’t deal enough Damage to kill it.

I can see that it’s a sketchy ability but it feels like the new Pre-Nerf-Supernova for its easy to use High Reward system it has going. Even if it doesn’t take them far it deals a ton of damage upon grabbing if it has three points in it. Spider Trap to Gorgon is like Warpblast and Rock Throw to Wraith and Goliath… but better…

My only suggestion is to reduce the health or reduce the instant damage upon being grabbed. Maybe have the same full damage throughout the Spider Trap but just not so instant.


My experience last night was that people don’t expect it, and it punishes teams that aren’t actually communicating hard. Even pinging helps a lot compared to how many randoms play.

But as the night went on, it got expected more. Trappers need to take up the role of destroying the trap before it gets anyone, same as they would with banshee mines.

I wouldn’t be against lowering the health of them necessarily, but I think it’s too early to make that call. If one of the team is prepped to keep an eye out for the traps being laid in a fight, it’s really not that hard to take them out IMO.

Also, Cabot is boss against Gorgon. Just sayin’ :wink:


When as Griffin I have to put more than a full clip into a damn trap that is chasing me in order to kill it that becomes a problem…


Until any change is to be made though, I’ve found that dodging straight up the moment you hear the little scream thing it does (Only slightly unnerving ;.; ) and taking a quick peek to adjust where you land nullifies the ability pretty handily, though at the cost of a boost or two of fuel, plus the thing itself is still active and there… but hey, now we know :smiley:

Considering the damage it does on a full cast time of squeezing, though, I’m more than glad to ‘dodge’ the spider O.o

Hmm… I wonder if the Harpoon does significant damage to it, similar to how it does to Wildlife. Things to test tomorrow! Yay! :smiley:


Yeah, I feel that… I’m personally not sold on it being unfair though, not yet. Time will tell for me :smiley:


Sigh…here we go incoming character runining nerf in comming.


I haven’t played in a while, but tried some matches yesterday against Gorgon, and while certain things feel overpowered, like the spider trap. It was chaotic, and i loved that.
I dread a pro mastering that thing though.


Mimic stops you completely dead and breaks on any damage to the real thing. How is that a mitigation ability? o.O


Don’t see why. She’s slightly up in all honesty


she is really good at dragging on fights


WAIT. Your friend that is new to the game things Gorgon is overpowered?

If he is new then he doesn’t know anything. No offence, but when you are new you have no idea how to fend for yourself.

Gorgon overpowered?

Gorgon does not have any hard hitting abilities, except for mimic which only terrible teams will get hit by because only a few bullets blow it up.

That also includes spidertrap, the hunter team needs to be bad not to shoot that right away when the monster puts it down. And that is all of Gorgon’s damage.

Gorgon is most definitely the least damaging monster in the game.



I think its fair now hunter aren’t the only ones controlling everything she controlles the field and honestly its about time hunters got to suffer how we fill with tranquilizers harpoons every were and slow grenades every hunter up our asses from sunny boosting i love it personally now that rant is over i feel with stamina she might be able to get around a little too quick makes wraith look like shit now hopefully wraiths adaption will fix a lot more for her and if you want to talk about the minion spider having to many hit points i think daisy has to many hit points and shouldn’t count as a extra hunter to kill


saying “no offence” doesn’t stop it being combative and offensive