First Hank, now Sunny


Who will the community determine is the next OP hunter? Even after her nerfs, people still find something to nag about.




Obama is op
Seriously I would say Val maybe hank adaption


People are already calling wraith op why you think they be nerfing her


Sunny OP? Lmao!


Well… besides my point.

Reasonably? They might look at Blitz Markov’s Mines not being obvious enough when at Max Damage.

Who knows really besides the forthcoming “New Medic OP” threads.


She’s not op, she’s just the best support. That translates to being op for many bc no one else can compare to her.


Water is op it keeps you from using some abilities


Well some believe “Best” as “OP” because why would anyone not use the “Best” and hinder their team of a win (besides Mastery Progress)?

There should be “Situationally Best” but there shouldn’t be a “No Arguement Best” character.

Sunny being the best for each map and Comp (besides a pure damage race character (Bucket/Cabot)) is not what we would call “Balance.”

Granted she’s not ridiculously OP but she is a mostly superior character.


Well said. Pretty much my feelings on her. Why pick anyone else? You gimp your team for no reason. Her kit is fantastic. Yeah she lacks burst but you gain chase, dodge, general survivablity. Much more valuable in the game of Evolve.


Flawed logic of many Evolve players:

  • Don’t know how to counter something = thing is OP
  • Lose multiple games to a particular hunter or monster = character is OP
  • Best hunter in class = hunter is automatically OP
  • Only consider the strengths of a hunter/monster without considering the weaknesses = character is OP


I think that the argument can be made that if a character is almost always better to have on a team over any other support, that would qualify them as arguably OP


Possibly. If you’re right, then Val is arguably OP. But it could also mean that other options are underpowered (Bucket?).


This is where I see people’s logic falter. A charcter in a class being OP does NOT make the others UP. Sure, Bucket is actually in a bad spot right now, but Slim and Caira, maybe barely.

People are ALWAYS complaining “this game is soooooo hunter favored”. Okay, then maybe we should just flat out nerf Val to Caira and Slims level, then see how hunter favored the game is. It would be pretty 50/50 if you ask me.

Nerfing a hunter buffs the others in its class and visa versa. People need to take that into account.


Btw this thread basically encompasses the 2nd and 3rd laws of metadynamics.


I remember monster players whining about Caira being too strong because she was “healing too much”. Now Val has been buffed to extreme levels and out of the sudden Caira who didn’t even get nerfed hard is called up.

Doesn’t make much sense now does it?

Sure, Sunny might arguably be too strong but that doesn’t automatically make other supports up. Hank is still a very viable choice, Cabot is also still viable. Bucket is kinda bad but he always has been. The case with the supports is exactly the same as with the medics, one hunter is too strong and now other still very viable choices are being called up because of it.


Yeah. A lot of people claim that several hunters are not viable yet I’ve seen plenty of people use them to great effect. Or they will say that Caira is strong then why can’t Val do just as much healing etc.


Are you suggesting my logic has faltered? Just to be clear, I never said that being OP makes others UP; I said being the best in the class may mean that others are UP.

I never intended ‘the best in the class’ to mean OP. Nor did I speak in absolutes, as you seem to suggest I did.


It depends pretty much on player’s SKILL. You might give uber hunter to noob who would not use it potential properly. U might give pretty weak hunter to great player and he will use it to win. You may defeat pro monster with Bucket+Slim if your whole team know what to do.

Sunny’s list of presents from devs:

  1. dmg nerf
  2. blast radius nerf
  3. jetpack boost range nerf
  4. jetpack dodge thrust nerf by 50%
  5. shield drone durability nerf
  6. shield drone range nerf
  7. shield drone capacity nerf

She has been nerfing since release.


Yeah and yet she is still as popular an useful as ever.