First gold win


I’ve gotten my first win on a gold skilled monster a week ago but kinda proud so wanted to post.


congratz! and i just realized your usually in the streams i’ve been chatting in. lol…


Yeah i always hop on streams to support and provide fascinating conversations to keep chat lively


Congrats man, you can only improve :smile: and this is a big step. Was it an intense match?


Congratulations! You’re already better than I ever could be :confused:


Ohh man, I wish the ranking system could be enhanced.


yea, i’ve recently started going on the stream chats and giving a hand with questions involving characters and what we know. also helps fix some of the miscommunication


When your facing deanimate he’s the one that needs the nerf we still almost lost and he was lagging


We tend to use laz/cabot against deanimate. Far more fun :smiley:


We beat gold skilled monsters for fun lol

Great job joining the gold monster destroyer kool kid klub.




I think I remember that game. Well, the lag anyway.
Do you play with kush much? He flat out accused me of hacking which was pretty amusing.

u r mean :’(


I play with him yeah, but it’s cause they don’t play competitively that they dont really kno the difference between pub stomping Silver master monsters and competitive play monsters.


Kush can be a tool sometimes. I’ve had some verbal exchanges with him in the past too.


Doesn’t surprise me. I had a look at his steam comments and formed that general idea of him. Shame.


He wasn’t in the game that day with us tho.


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