First Game; Monster Stuck By Invisible Walls


Sadly, my first multiplayer game was marred by a bug that prevented me from finishing it - and in my frustration I was stupid and didn’t take any pictures. I will describe the situation as best I can in the hopes it can be replicated.

Map: Armory.
Monster (Me): Goliath, stage 3: 3x rock throw, 3x charge, 3x leap attack.
Hunters: all 1st-tier.

I evolved to stage 3 in the pit on one side of the map where the pipes end; when I emerged the hunters were on top of me. I was able to get some quick armor and fight in that area.

Before long all the hunters had strikes and the trapper/medic were dead; dome and harpoon traps had been used liberally throughout. When I attempted to leave the area and move towards the relay I found my movement being restricted - there were no harpoon traps nor dome up (trapper was dead). it felt like I was walking into terrain or otherwise simply too large. Jumping/climbing over terrain acted like I was harpooned by an invisible harpoon. After a bunch of blind melee attacks (no break sound) I was able to move further; at which point I then ran into what seemed like an invisible dome or wall, a clear path where I could not walk any further. Leap attack/charge did not let me proceed, and the dropship had not yet arrived.

The only explanation that makes sense is that somehow the trapper’s placed deployables were invisibly persisting despite the trapper being dead; I don’t know how it occurred beyond this description.

I’ll go back in and play another game presently, but I felt it was worth at least saying this bug had occurred so people can keep an eye out for it.



This doesnt address the cause of the bug, but for games where I’ve been stuck (in a different way to you), I found letting the bot take over for a few secs fixes it


How does one let a bot take over as monster, then resume?


If you press escape (don’t know how this would work for the consoles) then select the ‘take a break’ option a bot will take over for a bit.
I think you can’t leave it on too long or you are deemed inactive though, but it can fix some of the bugs. I’ve used it to get outside of rocks I’ve been stuck inside


That’s an interesting potential remedy. I’ll bear it in mind if it happens again. As it was, my third game got disrupted with a crash-to-menu; steam profile not logged in. I’m guessing the server is/was just overloaded.