First Game after Patch = First Crash = Nice Patch?


Never had that crash before without any message. Could not even screen anything because there was nothing. Nice game. You disappoint me more and more. Pls fix this man wtf…


What were you doing at the time of the crash? What system is this on? Has the game crashed for you since this one, and if so, was it a similar situation?


I restarted my PC. Started Steam, Raptr, Xfire then Evolve. Got into a full Lobby, seems like a Premate Lobby. The Game was on Orbital Drill, when im right. Was going my way to feed up to Stage 2, wanted to Evolve and was about to press the V button and got kicked out without any Message, straight to the Desktop. Connected after being mad for 5 Mins again, and got (wtf?) the same lobby with the same guys. Played 2-3 Rounds against them without any problems after that then.
But I never had this crash before, always the Nvidia Crash thing with the Message. But crashing without any message, first time. :frowning:
It’s just not funny to play Monster when you have to be scared to get kicked out. Kills the Game completly for me :confused:


Back to Desktop is not new. It’s happening since the alpha sporadically, like the device hung error. I had it like 5 times since November. Let’s hope it’s not getting worse


It didnt said it is new or? It did happen to me the first time…

AMD Phenom II x4 955 3.2ghz
GeForce 770 GTX