First Evolve/YouTube video!


Just made my very first YouTube video and would definitely appreciate some community feedback. I have seen a lot of people who are on the fence about preordering or think Evolve isn’t worth the money, so I tried to make something in response to that. Check it out!

It's One Month Until Release!

I don’t like to leave negative feedback, but you sound like you’re about to fall asleep throughout the video.
Need to hear some excitement/enthusiasm in your voice.


Looks like Colorado… snow everywhere, but still sunny :stuck_out_tongue:


Good video, this isn’t just you, but everyone calling Wraith an assassin/rogue is weird, rogues attack unseen, wraith attacks while making sure you’re not looking at her, more of a deceptionist/illusionist


Im pretty sure the devs have described her as a rogue/assassin.


If they have I can’t argue it officially, but in my heart I can dream :3


They also mentioned it being a ‘she/her’ but apparently none of the Monsters have genders ‘That we know of’. That being said, I think Wraith works best when it ambushes which is fairly rogue like.


More than male/female I want to know how all the monster races relate, are they creatures from different planets (Or the same planet I suppose) that decided to work together (Halo Covenant style)? Or are they a hive type creature? Evolving into Kraken/goliath/other to fit the need of the hive? And how does each one fit in? Goliath is the soldier, Wraith is maybe the transporter and/or scout, but what would Kraken be? so many questions D:


They all ‘evolve’ similiarishly in the same fashion. They need meat/energy/mass and after a set point they can evolve. I’m thinking they are extremely similar, if not the same, under a microscope.


Agh, I know. My wife says I sound much better in real life than I do in the video (though I hope that isn’t purely from bias…). I’m thinking that the built in microphone on my webcam just isn’t helping me out here.

Other than that, how was the content? What did you think of the points?


Pretty good points. Feels a little biased, but I guess since the point of the video is to recommend it, I guess that’s ok.

Just seems like you shouldn’t write “Worth it?” Like you’re about to be objective, and then be completely one sided.
Maybe something instead like “10 reasons Evolve is worth getting.”

Not sure if you were planning to spin this off into a series of videos.

I don’t know, that’s just me.


Fair enough. I guess I just wanted to answer the question of “Worth it?” by responding to a lot of the points or complaints that I’ve been seeing as to why people think it may not be worth it. I’ll remember your input for future vids.