Fire Emblem Fates, who's excited!?


Much excite to be had!! Who’s also getting it???


To be honest. I got no clue what this is. Enlighten me maybe?


Me! Favorite game franchise, and all points to these being superior to Awakening. :3


Hello Shunty, well to break it down easy, its a Tactical RPG, turn based and grid based movement. If you like games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, even XCOM you might like this. Also, the stories are really good and relationships can be built amongst your teammates through battle which dives more into their personality and personal story.


That’s cool. I really XCOM so I might enjoy this. Thanks for explaining it!


I never picked up a 3ds, every now and again things like this make me question why I haven’t


Funny you say that, FE is one of the main reasons I did lol, but also quality of games on there to play seriously or on the go are amazing. I am a huge Monster Hunter fan, and then you got Bravely Default, the Zeldas, and other random goodies!


The game is exclusive to 3DS, but one of the main reasons I picked up one lol


absolutely love the fire emblem franchise and enjoyed all of them but all the negativity surrounding this game completely ruined my interest for it to be quite honest. i’ll just stick replaying with awakening…

glad they took the petting minigame out


corn took a spot on the roster


Definitely going conquest.

Also REALLY wish they would work on another Advance Wars entry…


I play it for the shipping.


SOOOOO excited for Fates! I would probably want to pick up a “new” 3DS before I play it though for that juicy framerate in 3D.


<3 Fire Emblem!

Probably gonna go with Conquest. Anyone else have a preference?