Fire breath not really useful during defend?


The fire breath does no damage to the generators so there isn’t much putting skilling the fire breath unless you use it on the sentry turrents or hunters.


Well then max the other three skills.


You are correct fire breath isn’t so great in defend but you also have three other skills which all have good uses so its kind of a mute point anyway


Fire Breath isn’t really useful at all. :unamused: For Defend, Triple Rock Throw, Triple Leap Smash, Double Charge and Single Flame Breath is good. A single point in flames for clearing mines/sentries, cloaked Hunters, finishing things off, farming, light DOT, kick and giggles, etc.


1 point in fire breath is very usefull for clearing ther mines


I beg to differ, fire breathe is my bread and butter on murdering anything on Hunt. For defend, it’s not that useful.


Same here, that’s why I started this thread