Fire Breath doesn't really have any counterplay


As I’ve been playing again Meteor Goliath a lot (about two third of the time recently it seems) and his fire breath doesn’t really allow for any reaction by the hunters. It instantaneous, long range, and with very little starting animation. It’s just kind of like, “Well I guess I’m on fire now.”

To be fair, all of Goliath’s other abilities are very telegraphed and easy to dodge if you know how. I was just wondering what other people thought about this.


It’s his utility ability- very low damage, but excellent auxiliary use and good for mop ups on kiting Hunters. It shouldn’t have any counterplay.


A shield can counter it or you know being out of range


Well Assault has a flamer too ya know.


It doesn’t have a counterplay and you shouldn’t waste your jetpack dodge to avoid it as someone who’s drawing monster’s focus.


Yeah I’m inclined to agree.


Just save your jetpack for Leap Smash (and sometimes Charge). The problem with Leap Smash is that it might throw your hunter away uncontrollably (you can’t jetpack for few seconds) and it opens you for easy Rock Throw finisher which is the hardest hitting ability.
Combo of those two can deal over 1000 damage, which is significant for 1600 hp pool.


It’s just a thing one have to deal with I guess. Un-dodgeable abilities will always be a thing and it’s indeed very annoying when you don’t have Hank, Sunny or Caira.

It used to completely hard counter Lazarus because FB did more damage than he could heal and cloak from, so you could if you were patient enough and kited the assault, defeat a team with Laz soley with firebreath.


Does anyone else go into a death spiral if they get hit by a boulder in mid air? You’r camera just spins slowly to the ground and all of your controls lock up. Is that a bug or a feature?


Can’t say I’ve noticed that one. Go flying sure but the camera has never gone from my control. Perhaps it’s worth noting that as a bug?


Yeah, “death spiral” is what I meant (and I like your term better). It’s a feature.
Worst is if you get hit by a combo of all 3 (leap smash, rock throw, charge). It’s one of the things that distinguishes good hunters from bad hunters, knowing what to save your jetpack for.


There’s nothing wrong with an ability that is difficult to avoid, Monsters need to hit too.

Against mediocre Goliaths like me you can dodge the fire; if you move fast to the side or up then i’ll have to catch up & i’ll miss most of it, if you jump past me then i’ll waste it, & if you stand at my feet i’ll shoot over you.