Finite fauna?


Just thought i’d ask, is the supply of edible fauna finite?


I would assume it is infinite, as fauna killed can rot away if left uneaten, combined with the confrontation timer at stage 3 to force play. I can’t imagine there would be a need to stifle the ambient creatures as a resource - No guarantee though.


I’m curious about this as well although I would have guessed it was finite. It would give the hunters more of an incentive to consider killing the wildlife if it is.


It is infinite.

I believe it used to feel like it was finite (either by design or bugs) but it came with its own set of problems.

As a monster my tactic used to be to kill everything around so I could come back later when the hunters had left the area and eat in peace, but that left lots of dead bodies for the game to keep track of, which comes at a cost to the system.
Then bodies were made to decay so they would disappear. Hunters would then kill as much of the wildlife as possible to deny the monster food and once the supposed finite limit was reached, the monster didn’t have much food after that.

Eventually it just felt best to have infinite fauna that would decay over time when killed.

I still feel there is some incentive to kill wildlife as a hunter since many of them are trying to kill you. Though if you are considering it from a strategic perspective like denying food, that could still occur and I do it myself from time to time. However, it is very situational as to how effective it can be.


Are they decayed automatically or is it because of these “harpies” ?..

(So that the perk “friendly birds” would prevent this auto-decay…)


That being said, anyone know how much armour or how much is added to the “Evolve” meter when eating a MegaMouth and/or Tyrant?


I believe currently it’s four. Almost sure.
By the way if something gives “four armor”, it’ll give four “evolve meter”.


Ah, thank you! :thumbsup:


All the big deadly monsters are ‘four meat snacks’.
That goes for Nomads and the such


Do you think there might be any five-meat snacks? Maybe if one map had a singular creature that was nearly as deadly as the monster or something and it’d only attack if one side woke it up


If there were any five meats, they’d probably have to be in multiple areas, just for regularity.
But it would be cool to have some sort of special wildlife that were very hard to find.
Maybe they could give an elite tyrant or nomad an extra meat instead?


They already have the powerup bonus as well though, seems like it might be too good for the monster


All this talk is making me hungry.


They decay automatically. The harpies are just there to signal the hunters that the monster is feeding.

The buff “Friendly Birds” actually prevents the birds from showing up. So as a monster you could sneak right by them and they would not fly up and alert hunters to your presence, but currently buffs acquired from elite wildlife only lasts 5 minutes.


Ok thanks !

I still don’t precisely figure out what do Harpies but we’ll see…


Do you get alerted to Harpies like you do with the Batrays? If not then is it possible to look at them and call them out for your team?


I believe in the match it gives a waypoint like the batrays do


Yes, they alert hunters the same. But seeing what they are can help you determine if the monster just passed by them, or actually ate something.

I find harpies are more reliable because I know the monster had to have eaten something to trigger them.

With batrays, I could just fly up as Kraken, attack some in a direction that My tracks lead to, but stealth and turn the other direction in an attempt to mislead the hunters.