Finishing Moves?


So in the interactive trailer, I notice Goliath grabs Val and slams her, which incaps her.

My question is, is this a finishing move that plays kind of randomly because she was low health and he landed the last attack so it just played a nice smash animation.

Or did he time/aim it perfectly and it’s a special move that does extra damage? It’s hard to know since we don’t see Hunter’s health. Speaking of which, does Hunter Health regen at all? I imagine it’s a really slow regen or partial.

What is contextual melee and how do I control it?
Finishing move

I believe I heard that the hunters slowly regain health over time, but this is actually a question I’m interested in. Also will there be multiple “finishers” for each monster or one each?


Val was going to incap anyway, so the contextual melee system chooses a fancy body slam animation to automatically play. The player doesn’t need to do anything special to trigger it.

Hunters don’t normally regenerate health, though as mentioned in another thread, there are exceptions to the rule.


Ok, so it is just a cool finishing animation. Still love it.


Agreed, makes the game feel and look more natural


Are there more than one for each monster?


Will depend on how much polish time the animators get. The system supports multiple animations.


Would love to see a stage 3 Goliath just pick up a hunter and hurl them off into the distance, lol.

I liked the slam, emphasizes the size of the Goliath that he can just pick up a hunter in one hand.


That’s a good idea, or maybe if a hunter was about to die the monster could just pick him/her up and eat them. As long as Lazarus isn’t on the team though


it have been cool to see the goliath stomping the hunter :smiley:


Or if he has his flame breath ability unlocked, pick them up and scorch them in his hand


I was thinking about that, but since the goliath is not fire resistance i would scorched is hands to XD

But in that case what if the goliath picks up a rock and smash the rock in the hunter so hard it destroy the rock

btw. how can the goliath pick up rocks on metal floor? Maybe he could rip of a metal plate and throw it when standing on a metal floor :smiley:

And use its tail and use it as a whip and smack the hunter or hunters down :smiley:


Oh that is true, forgot about Hyde for a second there. And the metal floor thing doesn’t really matter. If you can have guns that heal people and project shields to defend others then that should be the least of your worries. If a level one Goliath has finishing moves, he should swipe the hunters legs, grab the leg and smack them off the ground like a doll. If you’ve seen Avengers Assemble imagine the scene with the Hulk and Loki for reference


But dont you think how awsome if the goliath could rip off a metal chunk off the metal floor and throw it?


It’d be cool, but it just doesn’t seem possible. Like, a rock from the earth makes sense, but ripping metal from the ground seems impossible


Well its even more impossible to rip a rock from 100% metal floor then ripping off a chunk of metal (maybe not the same size as the rock, but smaller and thiny) from a metal floor :stuck_out_tongue:

But i’m guessing the goliath is strong enough to rip off a small piece of metal from the metal floor


Ah I suppose. It isn’t important though really, you can pull a piece of rock out of nowhere when standing on a fence as a tank in Left for Dead and I haven’t heard any complaints about that.

Maybe you can’t at all though, in the 4v1 trailer I don’t remember him using his rock throw on top of the roof


In one of the PAX videos, Goliath used it while inside the factory


I didnt say it was important but it have looked cool, but it is kind of funny to see him pick up a rock from the roof and the Tank in L4D could pick up a rock from a fence XD


Hmmm… Finishing moves for wildlife ?..

Special finishing moves when you’d kill (not just incap’) a hunter ?
(now we know hunters may be in Strike 2, which means death instead of further incap’ )

This would be very fun ^^ Even if it happens only once every five times…