Finishing move


In a few vids I saw the Goliath pick a hunter up and smash him down. When does that occur and can a kraken do that? I think finishers would be dope :+1:


I think its just a stylistic feature that occurs when the hunter is low enough health and the melee hit would have put him down anyway.
Kraken might be able to but you don’t often use melee hits as him so he might not be able to/ you might not see them that easily


It’s a custom animation that plays when a monster hits one of the hunters with a melee attack that does enough damage to down the hunter. Normally that attack’s animation would just play as normal, but if the hunter is going to go down anyway, there’s a random chance the special grab/smash animation will play.

And yes, it would be really cool if all the monsters did something like that. I’d love for Kraken to snatch up a hunter with one of his back tentacles and then zap the hell out of them before tossing them aside. We haven’t seen Kraken do it, though. That might have something to do with the fact that his forelimbs are usually used for walking, and because the developers said animating his tentacles is very time consuming.


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Perfect idea like volts of electricity flow through the hunter, he’s dead in his hands then he just tosses him aside


Course you may