Finished match > Screen went black > joined random game (no lobby)



so I was playing a hunt match, playing as Val. My team lost. Went to the next screen of masteries and character progress and otherstuff. Then as everyone was rdy and transitioning into lobby my screen went black. It wasn’t for very long (maybe it was more than 2 minutes but it didnt feel like it). I alt tabbed out to make sure it wasn’t a complete crash. I tabbed back in and i got the dropship “cut scene” all of a sudden. But i was able to switch as an observer between the Monster (Kraken) and back to whoever was playing Bucket on the team. I looked and saw that there were infact players occupying all positions except medic, so I tried hot swapping into medic, but it wouldn’t let me. All I could do was switch between observing bucket and the monster. I quit shortly after when I couldnt do anything


CPU: i5-4690k @ 3.5
Mem: 8 gb ram
Resolution: 1920 x 1080, 144hz
Driver version: 347.52
OP: Windows 8.1