Finished grinding my last monster up to eilte, life goal achieved now i can rest


finally finished grinding all my monsters to elite it took a while but daln it s finally over (til the next monster) even tho i don t like going solo aginst bots for the grind i don t care i ve done it i can now contemplate my monsters in their albino skin one after the other


I’m halfway!! Well a little more. I don’t grind bots, it frustrates me when they don’t cooperate. The last star in Vortex is dragging on, and Supernova and Decoy.


You can elite Supernova on wildlife and you can max Decoy in one game on the dam. Just get to stage 3 and go to the relay. Go behind the little building and wait for them to come around one of the sides. Send your decoy out the other way and then pounce one of em. I only had like 5 from real matches - got the other 25 in line 15 minutes that way.


That’s awesome!!! I didn’t know that. Any tips on Kraken? I just checked, I haven’t actually completed any of his 3 stars. But Vortex is by far the farthest off.


You can get them all done on Orbital Drill. It would be easier to focus on other three first. Put 3 points in all three of them and get to stage 3 as quickly as possible. Then when they all bunker up in that small room at the power relay you just bust in and keep spamming your skills. Best to take one of them down and then use one of your skills (lightning strike for example) to hit the one who is reviving the other. It does take some time but you can get them all done in one game. Word of advice, don’t pick Markov because his lightning gun will destroy your banshee mines.

For Vortex, there is a small cliff just outside of the power relay, you camp up there and just keep knocking them back with Vortex. If it’s on cooldown you just melee them off the platform. Will take some time but its doable. Also, the relay building on distillery works too. Sit on top and wait for them to come up and then vortex them down.


Take either Hank/Caira or Laz/Hank as well. They either take ages to die or come back at full health.