Finish each others story


This is another finish each others story thread, but this time only @ToiletWraith can be the protagonist. You can only type in a total of 12 words when finishing each others story.

Ok let me start.

Once in a distant galaxy there was a toilet and wraith.


She sat inside her little humble abode, wondering what to do.


Then suddenly a man busted into the room and the man emerged.


from a submarine that shoots nuclear warheads!


The man was @MortySmith along with @10shredder00.


They requested her help in finding their mixtape, which was stolen.


In order to do that, the wraith and toilet must fuse!


They fused using their gem powers and @Toiletwraith was created.


After the fusion, they went to go find the stolen mixtape.


And then they died the end


But Laz came to revive them all, stopping the ending.


I don’t even want to be part of this.


They all died again. Thus began my journey to find my mixtape.


But a man sat up and began his journey to find the…



10 char


But then he remembered that everything was normal… But then a sudden


Pharaoh appeared and joined him.


And saw that he had the sacred…


Plunger of Truth that could only be wielded by @Toiletwraith


She cackled maniacally, snatching the plunger and running off.