Finish each other's story

In this thread you can only say one sentence and have the other person continue the story, Okay I’m going to start us off. Also you can use pictures or GIFS to show whats happening if you want.

In a distant galaxy long long ago there was a turtle.

That breathed fire throughout shear and…

The end.
(Some one was going to do it)


Sunbathed in pancakes.

To be continued… Right now.
There was a duck that was 6 foot tall…

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It was diagnosed with obesity…

The doctor said if he got even fatter he’d turn into daisy.

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The duck ran around in panic!

Then a mysteriouse…

Goliath appeared .

And ate the duck ravenously

The goliath flew to shear…

The goliath became fat afterwards…

Because the duck was getting fatter inside the Goliath…

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The Goliath quickly evolved to change his size.

Like Alice in wonderland…

(… wut? O.O)

But he shrank.

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Plot twist–Goliath and the duck have mutated into one powerful being.

XD Yes, this is happening right now.

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And grew fins.

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