Finding no one when at level 35+


This needs to be fixed, i’m waiting ages and it finds almost no one except for the same guys over and over


yep. i can only play solo right now. takes ages to find a game, laggy when i do because the only people around that level are like, korean or something.

i’m just waiting for EVERYONE to get level 40 in a month (like in space marine)

then if matchmaking isn’t changed randoms will be truely random again and everyone will be in the same pool so we can search correctly


I’m not waiting a month, they should just let us team up with lower levels


if you invite a lower level to your party it also breaks matchmaking.

they should replace MM with lobby list.


Anything is better than what we have at this point


What platform? I am LVL 34 and on Xbone… stillgetting a variety of randoms in a match from LVL5-35 lol… was thinking it was broken, but now am starting to think it’s good since I’d probably not find a lot of folks to play with if it worked (ranked matchmaking)


I find games instantly and I am a good amount above 35.

Edit: Just checked for me alone it took 4 seconds to find a game.


playing on pc