Finding Dory Trailer


A new trailer for Finding Dory has arrived.

Not sure how I feel about it tbh. I feel that Pixar has lost a bit of their creative magic and their recent chunk of movies don’t seem to have that great energy as Pixar did a while ago. What do you guys think?


That beginning was sad, but that ending?! Hilarious!


I’m skeptical about it. I tend to agree with the whole pixar statement you made. I liked their older movies but eh.


I agree. I don’t see the point to make a sequel to this sometimes it is better to leave things one and done. I mean did we really ever need a cars 2?


Man this feels like a very forced movie. Very underwhelming feel. Fan/ Ellen Degeneress pressure is really the only reason I see this movie was made…


I can’t wait for it to come out. I think Disney is getting better at making me have feelers and making me laugh to


Ehhhh, seems more of a sad movie. Looks OK, I dont know, it just doesn’t have the charm Finding Nemo had. Somethings missing…


Inside Out was great, but not too sure on what Pixar is doing with all the sequels…


When Pixar was founded, they had a bunch of original stories written up for them to choose from. The last ones on the list ended up being Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur. So they need to spend time coming up with new material.

In the mean time, they’re owned by Disney who will demand sequels.


Finding Dory looks okay. Know what I’m really excited for though?

The Incredibles 2.


My son is all about Nemo…I’ll probably rent the nearest theater to host his B-Day party in for it…actually a cheaper option than most of the parties I run, lol.


I thought Inside Out was great, but have no interest in The Good Dinosaur because of the art style. Not sure why they went that direction, but I hate it.

Dory was a huge highlight in Finding Nemo and I’m sure I’ll see this, but generally speaking, sequels aren’t great.


Dory worked great in the first movie because she is a sidekick character. Mater worked as well in Cars. However, sidekicks rarely work as the main character in sequels.


That was a huge turnoff for me as well, I am not a fan of the cartoony characters and hyper realistic scenery.

That said, Finding Dory looks fun at least. I laughed out loud at the octopus in the disposer.


I understand that as a general rule, but I also disagree to a point. First of all, Mater was meh, in my opinion. Second, Dory and whatever Nemo’s father’s name was were more of a comedy duo. He was a downer and she was the upper. They brought out the best in each other. Provided she has something to balance her out, I think it could totally work. Regardless, I’m sure this’ ll be good for some laughs and I’m gonna see it.


I hate Mater, don’t get me wrong… However, he only works as a supporting character is what I was trying to say. Dory doesn’t work for a main character because she was the comedic, cheerful forgeter. She had a single shtick and that doesn’t translate well into a main character.


Yeah, I get the comparison, but they’re obviously adding some depth to Dory by giving her a whole back story. I’m just gonna wait and see it and form an opinion then.


I don’t know about this one it’s hard to make a part two movies and like them as much as the original, toy story in my eyes was the only exception.


Like the concept, I wait and see.


well, at least it’s not Cars 3…