Finding Dory Thread! (Spoilers Allowed)


This thread is for everything involving the movie Finding Dory. Hype it up here boys and girls. America is watching…


saves picture


This movie and Incredibles two give me hope for WALL-E 2.


I’ve been seeing lots of commercials , looks good.


Favourite thread on here, LOL. So excited! HUGE Pixar fan.



How is it guys?


I will see it tomorrow! So far the reviews are great!


When I watch this movie all I’ll be able to think about is this.

Thanks Matpat.


I’ll be seeing it on Tuesday. Hoping it to be good. :slight_smile:


Baby Dory is the cutest creature created by Pixar hands down.


Is it just me or does gerald look like Anthony Davis?


holy shit that part was hilarious, Loved the seals.


this was the best animated film of the year, I never thought Finding Nemo would get a good sequel, but this one was equal to the original!


Best part! :laughing:


Is it really that good?


i enjoyed the part of where Hank drove the truck off the cliff better, but the seals were definitely #2.


Yes, the movie was amazing, i never thought a film group, let alone Disney/Pixar could make such a good movie about the sidekick, but here you go.