"Finding Decoy" (new Wraith skin)


April 1st was 2 weeks ago, TRS!
I’m all up for new skins for monsters, but this is getting ridiculous tbh


You can not tell me you don’t think that that is the single greatest thing since sliced bread.


This Skin is so glorious that is shines when full armor, screams LOOK AT ME!


I really REALLY want to see this thing in action. All I’ve been getting today are Skywraiths and Voodooliaths.


Fight me den


XBone, homey?


You know it.


Getting on right now. GT is in the bio. Let’s go, Nemo.


Well, other people seem to like it :persevere:

I was just kinda surprised, I guess.
I’m liking the goliath tiger skin tho, but I’m really not a fan of this orange & white wraith


And so @Skrewyluie and @Rapterror rode off into the sunset, forming a beautiful friendship that would last for all eternity.


Wish I could play with everyone, even the PC peeps.


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