Finding decent players XB1


Why is it so hard to find people to play with that actually care about playing the right way and using their headset? Im really trying to enjoy this game but everytime I hope on to play I feel like its almost pointless because there is no teamwork/coordination…anyone else feel this way?

Anyone on XB1 looking for people to play with? My username here is also my gamertag.


Always looking for new players, Saints944 is my gamertag


Still think we need a ’ only search for mic’ed players’ option. Till then we’ll do it old school:



Ayy. Gt: SecretAgentxP


Would be nice to you know hear ppl its the main reason I usually monster
Being support with no comms sucks goliath dangerlly parts


Gt: Assainexreaver , add me i usally play support or assault


I’m about to give up on public matches. Starting to play monster to beat all the special needs people that infest the matches I join.

Add me: hamster3 3


Bout time. GT: CursdFoxCodeman


snoozy151 is my GT


I’m also on XB1 gamer tag same as name here looking for mic’d players. Living in Europe!


Yeah, I really would like to enjoy the game, too, haha. If you’re still looking for players, my GT is Dohvakiin4. My availability can be a little spotty because of school, but I play kinda often, especially on weekends.


Gt: Assassingod92


GT is Capt Distracto6 hit me up anytime


Kr3WCiALIIDBZII is My gt, I play with @Asura_ aka Saints944 allot as well, add either of us