Finding a fifth hunter and stuck in an endless(?) queue

Yeeeah… I only have a screenshot of it, and I’m not sure how it happened.
But here ya go.

Everyone else in the lobby could see it, so I don’t think it was a visual error. We had to back out and requeue, obviously.

This happens quite frequently on ps4, for me :frowning:


Happens in all other game modes too will go from the main lobby but after loading onto the character select screen it will display the message waiting for players to load even though we have a full lobby and will stay on this screen indefinitely I believe it has to do with a specific player because I’ve seen it sit on the screen for over 5 minutes people become aggravated and leave then the screen loads the character selection but it only happens when a specific undesignated player leaves so no telling who has to leave the lobby to resolve the issue