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Use this topic if you are interested in finding other Evolve players on your console, or to help other players find you; whether it be for competitive or casual play, this topic has you covered!

First of all, which platform are you on? Press on which one you want:

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A team for the Beta!
PC player for joining or do a group!
Ps4 looking for group(EVOLVE)
Playstation 4 looking for hunter team mates regulars
I need a good team of dedicated hunters for evolve on xbox one
Support Player looking for an X1 Team
DGL Team for beta PC Monster Race
Hunters... UNITE!
Looking for a team xbox ome
PS4 aus competitive clan
Xbox one vs ps4 population
LF trapper & assault
Interest group for Hunter players who have mics
Xbox one team needed for launch
I have no friends to play Evolve with and i would love to make some!:)
LFG I play Cabot only Xbox one
Looking for potential hunters
Xbox 1 LFG
Assault on the X1
Looking for a team of hunters to play against
Need players for PS4?
Adult Monster main seeking people to play with on XB1
Looking For Players - Xbox One
Need xbox one team members
PC LFG 10 chars
Competitive Player Looking for Very Serious Team
Xbox one players
Looking for players assault and trapper XB1
LF Competitive team for xb1
Looking for friends to team up with. (PC/Steam)
I need a competitive team on ps4
Looking for group. (XBone)
Have mic, will talk
DEVS Please Read – Discussion about the damage of no monsters with parties
PS4 Player, Looking for SERIOUS team
Solo Matchmaking frustrating
Looking to play evolve with some people Xbox1
Require Mic
Looking for few people to play evolve with (XBOX ONE)
Building an evolve team
Looking to recruit team members for competitive play on PC
Looking for group On Xbox 1
Want a forum just for clans?
~Xbox~ Monster main looking for custom games
Looking for Xbox One teammates
Trapper (Griffin) LFG
PS4 player looking for steady group
Looking for core group for Xbox one
Looking for a group must have mic (xbox 1)
Xbox one hunter squad
Looking for good assault and medic on xb1
Members Profile Info & Class Roles
[PC][DEU/ENG] Looking for a Support and an Assault to rev up with!
PS4 players
PC MP Noob question - how do I add friends?
Looking for a team to play with! MUST HAVE MIC!
Looking for a 4th man for Hunter group on PS4. Need Support role
Useful Links
Useful Links
LFG PST casual players W/mic. LegacyUntouched is my Xbox gamer tag
Monster seeks NA Players
Am I the only one sick of the bads already?
Anyone else take the day off for the release?
Looking for a team to play with on launch
Xbox One player looking for group
Looking for hunter team to pull all nighter
Looking for Evolve group
Looking for group
Looking to run some custom games on PSN
Need a group
Looking for few people to play evolve with (XBOX ONE)
Looking to run some custom games on PSN
Looking for a 4th man for Hunter group on PS4. Need Support role
XBOX1 LFG need 2 more guys British timezone
PS4 group/ regular players/ prefered roles
Looking for people to form a clan
Add me on Xbox one
Looking for team on PS4
Any PS4 players out there?
I need a team
We need a good trapper and assault (Xbox One)
Looking to make an amateur Team of xboners!
PC Player LFG (Primary Support)
Looking for group Xbox One
Looking for assault and medic (Xbox One)
Support onPC need group
LFM full hunter team. Mic required
Need Friends on PS4 Evolve
(PS4) Need people to party with who actually talk and know how to play... Add SuperFiip
Lfm people ps4
PS4? Anyone
Good team?
XB1 PRO team looking for more members!
Looking for good group of players (Xbox One)
Looking for Competitive Team PC (Assault)
Is there a recruiting section in this forum?
The uprising New clan ps4 only
Evolve players
Looking for xbox 1 group
Top 10 kraken world on pc looking for Pro teams to play agaisnt or join
Looking for players on Xbox one with headsets
AUSSIE Team HYDRA Looking for a Trapper
What kind of player/person i am
I need good hunter team, xbox uk based! becoming painful playing with randoms
Hey looking for a team for competitive play (PS4
[PC/XBONE/PS4] Not enough players? Want your favorite role? Look no further!
PS4 -- Good trapper looking for BETTER group to improve with
Delete this
LF Casual/Competitive PS4 Players?
Where can I find groups of people to play with on Xbox One?
[PC] Team Yes We Can! Looking for a solid MEDIC player
Team needs dedicated assault and trapper XB1
Looking for a team for release!
[All platforms] ID collection for Hunter-premades and Monsters
Should I stay on evolve or should I go?
Love Hunt, hate the wait
Social Platform For Players
Looking for a hunter team on PS4
Anyone on ps4 want to group up?
How to bring Us back to the game
If I wanted to play as a hunter, I wouldn't leave every game I've joined so far
A team for the Beta!
Looking a good group of hunters to eat on X1 beta
All teams here!
1st Tournament Trapper, LFG
Group needed for PS4 edition upon release
LFG on Xbox One