Find Other Evolve Players Here 2.0


Find Other Evolve Players is back and has been completely reset to get rid of old posts, this new topic will help you if you are interested in finding other Evolve players on your console, or to help other players find you; whether it be for competitive or casual play, this topic has you covered!

First of all, which platform are you on? Press on which one you want:

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SteamID Usernames
[Xbox] Looking for a team
PS4 looking to make a pro team
Looking for group. (XBone)
nDG Ryke676: I wanna form a new team for competetive (pure EU/NA)
Evolve stage 2 player looking for group
Looking for Other Players? Check here first!
PS4 Usernames
Xbox One Gamertags
Need to start over on finding groups
XB1 Desperate for Hunters


Great idea Plaff! I see a lot of work went into this!