Find/hunting/chasing the monster will get boring quickly?


After watching the E3 gameplay again, I’m beginning to worry that chasing and hunting the monster will get boring quite quick. I mean, look at the tricks and tools the monster has to delay the hunters:

-Jumping/flying leave no tracks/slow down Daisy.

-Rivers show no tracks/slow down daisy.

-Weather cover tracks quicker.

-Sneaking show’s no tracks/slows down Daisy. Of course this slows down the monster too so that evens it out.

-Much better climbing speed than the hunters.

Now, what do the hunters have to try and catch up to the monster?

-Daisy, while she is sort of a homing missile towards the monster, she will never be quick enough with flying/jumping/rivers/weather/sneaking. You will never catch up with the monster this way.

-Bucket’s UAV. Sure you’ve found the monster. Now you need to not only get to the spot where Bucket’s head went (im sure the rest of the hunters went the other way to increase the chance of finding him) If your lucky you’ll be in 100M range before the UAV’s tracking dart runs out and your back to square one.

-Startled birds/Sound spikes. These are just a big joke towards the hunters. It basicly mocks you with: ‘monster is 200M away! Good luck never being able to catch up to him!’

Correct me if i’m wrong, but so far the hunters simply have no way to catch up to the monster at the starting chase. You might as well clear the map of buffs so the monster can’t get them and then head to the generator.


I believe part of the fun is hunting, the sense of tension. Fighting (other) monsters and looking for elite monsters.

I mean jeez you’re basically playing scifi hide-and-seek with some really cool distinctions.

Tracking, stealth, and ambush mechanics are really really really fun, if you have the time I suggest you download Hidden Source, a mod for (bugger if I can remember counter strike?) Half Life2 you need the source engine (its free because its a mod but you need a game that gets you the source engine) but basically you’ll understand that hunting is a lot of fun, and so is being paranoid that somethings gonna jump and getcha!

AVP had some of this too (the newer one never really got to experience the old one)

Natural Selection 2 also has some of this tension and its just a load of fun…

Part of the fun of the “quiet” moments in the game is for you to enjoy exploration while also accomplishing something. Exploring the map and having incentive to do so. Its just good stuff. Then when the monster fight comes and you’re frantic, the tracking parts of the game let you calm down and re-think what your team needs to be doing in the next fight.


Yea it’s fun if you eventually find and trap the monster. But after five minutes of chasing and then seeing something like ‘monster starteld birds 200M away’ seems a bit discouraging to me.

‘hunting’ in AVP and NS 2 is different since both sides are able to fight eachother. In Evolve, a stage 1 monster has absolutly no reason not to get maximum distance between him and the hunters.


You aren’t supposed to find the monster right away.

It’s an extremely complex hunting game, not just a man vs beast deathmatch.

Also, that advantage is given to the level 1 monster because they are absolutely incapable of taking down the hunters unless the monster player is substantially more skilled or lucky.

Level 2 for the monster is an even fight, and Level 3 is in it’s favor.

From what i’ve seen and heard, you can catch a level 1 monster if you’re really good, or they’re really bad, but it’s unlikely.


Me and my brother actually had this conversation today whilst watching the developer match on Twitch. There was a point where there were just no tracks, no bird indications and (I think) Daisy had lost the trail. We were wondering “what now?”. Where are you meant to go if there are just no visual cues to help you?


I’m not even on about finding the monster quick enough, I’m on about chasing the monster. If the monster just keeps maximum distance, eats one creature, then spends another minute making distance, he will slowly but steadly get to the next stages while it is basicly imposible for the hunters to catch up.

Same for evolving. Sure it takes a while and they might get a bit closer to you, but so what? you just spend some extra time at making distance and your safe again.


I totally get where you’re coming from and it freaks me out a bit like “oh man, once I play through this a few times I’ll get bored and stop” but then I think, I still play L4D VS which is pretty similar to this, and it’s still loads of fun. The environmental hazards and other players will make it more diverse I feel, and keep it from getting stale too quickly.

Also I assume that there will be specialty modes(I hope?!) that’ll extend it’s lifespan.


Flying does leave a track, not sure about jumping, I assume it does where Goliath lands.

I don’t agree with your analysis of sound spikes either, without knowing exactly how it works, knowing that you can eventually cover most of the map seems pretty strong. You at least have a way to systematically track and corner the monster if you have lost it.


That’s what mobile arena and map boundaries are for. Even if the monster is faster than you, you can corner it and force a period of confrontation.


Still not hearing a good way for the hunters to be able to catch up to a monster that just runs away all the time, eats one little creature, runs away again etc.

And sure there are map boundaries, but I’m pretty sure the map is still big enough that allows the monster to keep a 200-250M distance between him and the monsters.


You go out and search for it, I’d assume. Hell, @MacMan mentioned (in another thread) that he tracked a monster by noticing bits of environment it had accidentally destroyed.


I know, but I mean what if there are literally no clues at all to help you track the monster? I’m guessing you’d just have to go off in a random direction and hope to find it


There are sound cues, monster slip-ups, UAVs, splitting up, etc… You just need to play intelligently.


Then that means the tables have turned and it makes the hunters the hunted.


You can also try and get into the monster players head and guess where it would go. If you know the map, you know where the monster lost you, where is the best food away from the hunters? It might take a bit to convince a PUG group where to go though.

You can also use the down time to kill an elite to gain a buff while looking for monster tracks.

Another idea would be to bait a trap. Spread out in a screen that is close enough to assist but appears to be isolated. How many monster players can turn down the chance to sneak attack what appears to be an isolated trapper?


i personalty think this will be the best part of the game with so much diverse decisions such as the no tracks left by a stealth playing monster will make the group split up to cover more grown but keeping within short distance to help find tracks or broken foliage or even corpses of animals the monster has eaten to get a sense of which way he is going and where to cut him off at or finding tracks but heading off a slightly different way laying sound spikes or using the uav (witch shows you exactly where the monster is for a little while so you can see where he is going to set a trap) so that you can get into those confrontations for a time before one group leaves ether the hunters cause there taking a beating or the monster because it has lost armor or dome is down . im so excited i cant wait!


Im sorry but I think none of you guys get what’s worrying me. How do you stop a monster from just running away all the time (far out of dome distance of course) slowly getting his evolve meter up while keeping a great distance between him and the hunters?


by being smart and using communication in the game spot matches i would see pinging done by a hunter to let others know where the monster is or where they are headed if a group can flush the monster close to the trapper all will be good if that is not enough well just wait for the game and see but in all the videos i have never seen a monster get to stage 3 without a fight


I already said, Mobile Arena.


If you’re that worried about it don’t get the game, everyone else here believes the “hunt” is gonna be an awesome part of the game. If you want constant action without strategy there are plenty of other games out there for you without the need to rip on games that clearly aren’t for you.