Find a damn game already


I’m getting extremely frustrated with not being able to find a game. Keep getting the lost connection pop up which just seems like absurd BS. This problem was in the beta but at launch for me it wasn’t but every day it keeps getting worse and worse now.


What timezone are you in, and I assume you’re trying to find a game right this moment?

For me, around 10PM EST is where I get frustrated at finding humans to play Monster. Maybe it’s the level of myself and my mates.


central time, but i have this problem throughout day and night now, and whats the worst part is that when it finds a lobby half the time it still kicks out for lost connection once the timer finishes


Central, so that would make it almost noon for you on a weekday? Safe to assume most folks are at school/working?

But yeah, you do seem to be describing a legit concern. Maybe connection issue. Do any of your friends have similar issues?


I have the exact same problem doesn’t matter what time it is


I hope there working on a patch or I kinda feel like I wasted my money