Finally tier 4 is over and the Meta comps are forming


HAHA come one come all I say.

last night i played 2 different pre-mades (all i ever face now even in pub play. im winning too much :scream_cat:

they both ran caira sunny maggie torvald.

the first team did pretty well. maggie would chuck the blind dome in hopes that i wouldnt jump. I was also playing the game on mute lol.

murdered them both to a point that they both quit out :frowning:

keep those meta comps coming. seems to be getting easier. :slight_smile:


I always play on mute pretty much. ^.-
I play music too loudly in the background to hear anything well enough. You get used to it.


once you play enough. the sounds just spawn from your brain. I can hear everything thats happening without having sound on now lol


Pretty much. You recognize it by sight, and make the connection. And since dome clicks were removed for monsters, there isn’t too much of a point. It slightly weakens you, because monster broke a tree, or is sniffing nearby but you can’t hear them; but it’s able to be played through. I listen to classical music often enough, or some rock or whatever. Should hear what some of the people have to say about hearing violins/piano’s over the assaults mic. ^.-
They think you’re fucking crazy. :laughing:


I played this combo too, it really wasn’t that hard, I won.


My favorite comp is Val, Cabot, Griffin, Parnell. ^.^
(I’m Parnell, Rose is Val or Cabot.)


It’s a good combo, especially with the new Val. Cabot is still a pain, as is Griffin’s harpoon.


im still seeing the same stuff. I have tons of comps that i think work better. but the masses decide who plays what i guess.

its all sunny + torvald every game. now that i figured out how to beatm its really easy. I think slim is underrated his spore cloud is a pain to see whats happening lol.

but in competitions like esl where they should be allowed soon if not this last weekend, its all sunny comps.

caira + sunny + griffin + torvald/hyde is mostly what im seeing.


Duh, hunters will always find the easiest ways to do things, why experiment when you can just ride the success of others ^.^ (well not always, i like seeing groups that mix it up, more fun that way)


Actually I quite enjoyed it. Nothing quite as soothing as ramming Railcannon slugs into a Kraken’s face to he sound of classical. Yeah. I love classical.

And no, Shin. I KNOW you’re crazy.


I try to listen to some of the rock bands I like while playing Evolve now. ^.-
Had the whole team wondering what the fuck was up. o.O


My team has been using Torvald, abe, bucket tand laz\slim with good effiency. The dps is absurd