Finally my very own PC

Yes my dear friend,after a long excruciating time not playing much game.I had finally be able to build a decent PC.Now i am ready for what ever AAA game TRS have to offer


Pics! Make with them!


Congrats! It was amazing to get my first gaming PC built on my own, and to be able to actually run games.

Did you go with custom colors for it or something basic?


'Grats on your build. :slight_smile:

RGB (Red/Green/Blue lighting) was something I wasn’t planning with my last build. I actually didn’t like it all that much, I was forced into it because the other components on my desktop glowed red (I was an idiot and didn’t pay attention with my research) and the RAM I bought on sale glowed all the colors of the rainbow.

Said fuck it and went all in; I like the results despite my misgivings about it initially. Had it for the past two years or so now, and don’t regret a thing (except not waiting for the next gen of CPUs).

TL;DR: RGB looks cool.


As awesome as RGB lighting looks, I prefer my PC without it. My first “gaming” PC was a prebuilt and came with a transparent side and blue LEDs inside. It constantly gave me migraines since wherever I could place it around my desk, it would be visible in my peripherals.

I see a lot of really awesome builds that make the RGB aesthetic look so cool and I like that it personalizes the PC, but after my first experience, I’m not so inclined to get anything with lighting again.

That said, if I did get another PC with lighting, I’d probably do purple & orange or purple & teal. :yum:


RGB basic color,i wasn’t a fan of all that fancy glowing component but they have a lot of LED light gift


Silly me, forgot to take picture and now i’m stuck on 8 hour of work, update coming soon

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Doh! watch the specs be stupid demanding.

Lighting i do not care for anymore, as fun as it looks if you are playing in a dark room it is a detractor.

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Here you go mate


I concur,hard to dwell basement with the light on

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I like it!

Hey Throw this in the SHOW US YOUR PLAY SPACE thread… @TheMountainThatRoars
@LemonTree My mouse glow is all that’s left, if it wasn’t so soothing and covered by my hand it would be turned off!

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