Finally my first Elite! :D


I just elited slim <3


How in Gwyns good name did you do the spore cloud ;-;


Congratulations! :smile:


second star I cheated ;-;
3rd star took a long time, just kept spamming spore cloud and had drone revive while it was active hoping the monster or any wild life was in it


I’m so jelly, I keep coming up against Krakens and Im lucky if they stay inside for a millisecond. Like.
Kraken pls


Hope you liked him while doing it. ^.^


which star are you trying to get?


Slim Is my main hunter now.
monsters don’t know what hit them :'D


Glad you’re having fun then. :smile:






well you did the worst grind first -.-


Recently got my first one as well. Goliath. Cheers!


The second ;-; i refuse to grind, didnt have to grind with Crow, dont have to grind with anyone else


I’m also trying to get second stars for slim as well


I just need to fight a behemoth, they tend to sit in one spot one casting abilites, but as i said, its just been Kraken after Kraken after Kraken


“Hey I know you”
But trust me its impossible for second star as is.


Think he will take notice to the quote?


Maybe :smiley: idk
I also said it because I’m pretty sure he’s on my friend list


Hope you sleep well, zero. Muahahahaha you cheater