Finally I have the Platinum Trophy - Can I help some of you?


Today I finally received Lazarus Elite and got the last trophy I needed.
Now I would like to offer, to anyone who struggles with either a Trophy or a Hunter Elite, help to achieve it as well.
If you find something extremely difficult just post it in here and I try to record a tutorial as soon as my game capture is delivered.
Have a nice day, I hope to hear from you soon :smiley:

Yay finally got elite monsters

How can I get Griffin’s sound spike mastery quicker? The tier 2 one where you have to detect 120 times. Congrats btw


I found it fairly easy to do it on Hunt Wraith trap and using the Map effect which limits the map itself.
Defend wasn’t that good because the gamemode is not about a monster which runs in and out of your sound spikes. In hunt you can just place 5 sound spikes cover 80% of the map and just play cat and mouse for a while. The monster triggers the spikes around 25 times per game at least (same strategy works for tier 3 too).


Maggies, Daisy revives? What would be a good way to get those?


Rescue solo.


Even the 3rd one? They count as hunters?


But you can get only +1 point in a single game, so there is no point in reviving more than 2.
Revive first 2 survivors then instantly go and kill the monster.


Yes Rescue works the best for these kind of missions Lazarus as well. If you feel like you are fast enough to do it.
Use Advantage Hunter and the Map Effect Turret Drones (they kill the monster so fast).
Walk to the colonist but close to them start a fight with a wildlife, Daisy will keep on walking to revive the Colonist but the AI helps you fight the wildlife. Otherwhise they pick up one Revive and by that time you can go to the second wave the round is over.
It took me around 3-4min per match + 1 week of loading screens


I am having a very difficult time in discovering how to do the Tier 3 Wraith Decoy Mastery… Any tips or videos on how to get these 30 pounces while being invisible? Thanks!


That sounds super easy…

Go behind a wall when hunters are nearby, activate your decoy and get close to some hunter and pounce him without breaking your cloak before doing so…
Doesn’t sound harder than “Move forward 50 meters”.


Unfortunately is not that simple as you think as it sounds… I’ve been trying to do it that way and it just doesn’t count towards the Decoy challenge. There must be a specific way that they would like you to do it.


Then kill 3 hunters and stealth pounce last one while decoy is activated, so you down him by doing so.


Yeah that one is really easy, I did that online not against bots but works either way. As bots just go for something like Parnell, Lazarus / Caira, Griffin (no deployable harpoons or slow) and Cabot (no Orbital while pouncing).
Just go Decoy 3 on Stage 1 search the hunters and deploy the decoy, than walk up to a hunter, go sneak and line up your punce. There is really nothing to it.
You did the harder one (Abduct in the air) already so you will achieve this one with an ease :smiley:


As far as I know there is really nothing to it, I made once active decoy and pounce right after worked, another time I used decoy walked for a while and pounced then it still worked. If this problem occurs to you frequently just open a topic and share it with the devs maybe there is something buggy.


Unfortunately, it does happens often. I can play 4 games and I will only get 1 pounce while invisible. I even play with friends and I’m still not able to do it. =/ How can I open up a chat directly to the devs? Thanks for the help guys.

PS. OJay is there a video where it shows this skill being used? Thanks again!


Not yet I get my Capture Card today or tomorrow and than I can make a video if you want.
But if you search in Youtube for Evolve Wraith Tier 3 Challenges you may find something (can’t try it out myself at the moment)
A direct chat is probably not possible, but either you can open a ticket at 2k they will forward it or just open a ticket here in the forum with the category Bug.
Maybe others had this problem as well and found a solution.


Hi OJay_Mjay_Broths

may I ask you of some goliath tips?


Go for it where are your problems? Challenges or overall gameplay?
If gameplay tell me how you generally play the goliath. :smile:


Ah, splendid!
I’m trying to unlock the elite skin for goliat(perhaps too lofty a goal) and I’m currently gunning for 3rd stars in the skills. I feel I can manage the jump smash and charge abilities, but I struggle ever so fiercly with fire breath and rock throw.


Playing mainly defend solo.