Finally got my BUCKET ELITE SKIN!


<3 Bucket

Can’t wait to see the new robot guy in Tier 4!!

Only really noticeable on the turrets, makes sense though as it is a first person shooter that its only on the gun and not your full character - would be nice though :confused:


Congrats :slight_smile: now in some very carefull words of others on these forums… Pray you dont get reset and lose them all :expressionless:


I know! I only heard about that yesterday so now i’m a little worried - is that bug on the PC too?


all systems pc,xbox one,ps4


oh god, hopefully it’ll be patched out soon anyhow


PC ? I think only 2-3 players reported that, as of now ?!


I wasn’t aware of ANY reporting it for ps4


then you prolly havent researched it enough :slight_smile:


Congrats on the Bucket elite sir… and yea, now ya just gotta hope it doesn’t get reset. While my progress hasn’t been so far, I did lose my #6 world ranking for Bucket the other day… fortunately I ain’t a bit leader-board chaser…

If you’d like to share some personal tips (of for those interested in learning more about Bucket) we have a thread rolling for him;

I also made a vid with some of the basics;

Again, congrats on the mastery from a fellow Buck fanatic!! ( and there’s also @SlinkyGuy … )


Good job! Looks like you have put lots of effort into it! :smile:


Nice vid, good tips on it! Earned a sub :smiley:

Cheers for the thread link too! Nice to see that there’s other Bucket players out there too!


Thanks… glad you enjoyed. I’ve been sick, so I sound like shit… but it gets the ideas across.

And yea man… bucket is my go-to guy. To each their own, he’s just been my fav so far, (almost finished my Parnell Elite mastery as well). Early on some peeps were hating on my boy so I figured that thread might help folks see the light hehe… If anyone as more to add, it’s appreciated for the fellow Buck lovers out there.

I am a LVL40 and the main crew I play with are LVL33-40s… we rip shit up and ol Bucket is a VERY important part of the team. The Elite skin was underwhelming, but that’s aight… don’t care about that much… just enjoy rocking the world with him.

It sucked losing my leaderboard stats, but they’re coming back up quickly anyway… I should get back to top 10 again at some point this week.


Welcome fellow elite Bucket just remember Bucket is life, Bucket is death all begins and ends with Bucket.


Beg to disagree – you’ve got the voice of a hard ass; you’d be great on radio.



Ashes to ashes, bucket to bucket, all that was will return to bucket, and he, in turn, will be


It would make them more noticable if they changed the color of effects and displayed the changes on the lobby


I was pretty disappointed with it tbh. Just weapons suck and you barely get to see it on Bucket as you dont see the turrets nonstop. Can’t really spot a difference on the rocket launcher.


You don’t see golden rockets loaded inside? take a closer look at both rockets.


Bucket elite recolor showcase, yay.


Congrats, not really impressed with any of the hunter skins though. They should have change the actual character’s colors, not just their insignificant, unnoticeable weapon skins.