Finally.. Got Evolve Again!


So I just got Evolve and a Playstation 4! What happened to my PC? Random turn of events! So if anyone would like to play, add me! PSN - KaijuFanatic_


Herrow! Welcome back! I think? You were gone right? I’m assuming… Eh… Hi!


Tag torvald stavig? I believe he’s on ps4. My tablet hates the tagging system.


Yo, is this OrangeTroll from Twitter? I remember your old profile pic. Add me on PSN my name is meg_is_here12


Yes I’m always on and off here xD thanks for the welcome !


Nu, I don’t use Twitter much ;^; but I’ll add you !


Welcome back. :slightly_smiling:

Are you up to date with all that’s changed?


Aww, your profile pics are so similar (before he changed his) but its fine. More people to play with!


Welcome to the beauty Evolve Community on Ps4. We hv Cookies and Milk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you, and yes, I stalk these forms more than I should haha.

@xDaRkNeZzChAoSX cookies and milk is always nice ~u~ thankies!


My psn is the same as one here I’m offshore right now but send me a request and I’ll accept it once I’m home


feel free to ask any questions. i lurk nearby.


Add meh. Same has username. K den. Peace broski.

I don’t know what that was :confused:


cough cough XBone Master Race cough cough


Yay!! Glad to see you back :bucket_salute:


Welcome back to the fold, my friend. Feel free to add me at dell009gaming ; I’d add you but I’ll most likely forget to :stuck_out_tongue:


wait I know you your number 1-10 markov
or were


I was top Markov and Torvald on Xbox, so yeah, time for some type of redemption u,u